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Improv Lab, Visit 2

2015-06-24, 9:59 a.m.

Before I begin, other news in life:

I have been hanging out with Meg again--she's no longer sick and she gave me a handspun yarn shawl that's purple, orange, and green with metallic swirly yarn. Probably not to everyone else's taste, but to me it's crazy cool. And infused with good intentions.
While she was over on Monday, we were talking about CC classes and I got the idea to donate my free class (we get one per quarter, but I don't really have the time to take one during the summer) to her so she could take my mosaic class. I haven't been so into teaching it in the last few years since most of the students haven't been into it, or thought they were signed up for fused mosaic instead (sigh), but it might be fun if at least one person I know is into doing it. Anyway, I checked enrollment and two other people were signed up before Meg was, so with three people it's probably running. We'll see how it goes, but Meg wants to bring in broken ceramics to work with, so that'll be fun.

I am now back on Tuesdays at the CC, with my friend Jamie on shift. Yay! Anyway, apparently nobody new signed up for the summer (or maybe it was 2 people), but there are tons of shifts with one or no people on them. Ack. That's....awful. Freaking summer. It's a favorite season of mine, but between OMG SHORT STAFFED everywhere and the drama at work all the time...

Anyway, on Wednesday I went back to the improv lab class again. (Previous entry on this here.) The class had the same amount of people or even more--about eighteen--and I recognized a lot of faces. I have the impression that a lot of people do this one alone on a weekly basis. There was some discussion before class about how this one is a "loss leader" that gets people interested in the idea of taking a full class. Or in my case, taking something in between classes. This time it ended up being all theater games more than lecture-y. Did some more "knives, babies, angry cats" and some playacting in which we were to find horribly creative uses for a baby. I'll put it this way: I juggled a baby when I did it, but a lot of people did worse...including the line, "This is the first time I've ever seen someone eat the baby." There were also babies being used for wiping/cleaning purposes, to screw in a light bulb... yeah, pretty weird babies there, I think. We got into groups to make some kind of imaginary factory object, and to do still photo poses in which we were to try to all come up with a different thing without talking to each other. This finally finished out with "Hot Spot," the game in which people sing songs and then jump in and sing a song on a related category. (Basically, it's musical Uno.)

One of the Improv Lab regulars, a fellow named Patrick that I've seen around (I think he works here? Or was on Saturday at least), was announced as having made it into a Gordon team! Everyone applauded a lot, and the teacher said that Patrick's name came up with everyone as someone to get added to a team. Wow, flattering. Anyway, I don't quite know how many classes he's taken,, but it was indicated that he'd taken a lot, some of them twice over. Before getting onto a team? The thing I've heard said before (heck, it got said in class tonight actually) was that after you've taken 201 you can/will be under consideration for a team, but.... well. Now I'm thinking that process may take even longer than I thought. Sigh, but there it is. Oh well, I need to remind myself to not get high on hopes and ego and shit like that and think it'll be a speedy ride to the top or something crazy like that. Remember, Jen, whenever you get your hopes up, you get struck down and all that.

I did find out at the Gordon show afterwards that the current team (Hummus Recall) is getting promoted to Harold, so I guess that means they start a new Gordon. There are two Harold teams, so I wonder what happens with those people...but I wasn't there early enough to find out. I do wonder how long it takes them to promote people now. So many questions and I'm not sure how super awkward it is to ask.

I'm supposed to be coming up with a life plan for the end of my life coaching sessions. The improv one was the easiest to write and boiled down to taking classes and hoping I get admitted to a team sometime, compared to the usual sorts of things ( know, look for other stuff.) I don't have much passion for say, coming up with the practical stuff, especially when say, work things are usually completely out of my control. It's not like I have a plan like "Become a manager!" or anything like that. Or a real "this is what I want to do for regular money" either. I feel like I need to shop for what's available in the store, you know?

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