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2019-07-02, 10:10 p.m.

7/1/19: Not much to say about today. Work sucked. I am overloaded. I spent like six hours of it just checking email from being out on Friday and everyone is desperate for me to get things done and people won’t stop interrupting me....etc. I did finally get permission for the temps to start doing some of my stuff, so yay for that.

We also got a complaint from someone about their photo “making them look like a crack addict” and “I am going to be traumatized for life if I can’t replace this photo.” The response I got from the manager was “Well....those cameras aren’t that great so I don’t know if a second photo would be any better...” I was all, just wait until this one someday hits the DMV.

I got a random email from Laure that just said “Act 1 and Act 2” and was sent to me and Brian. I was all “um, whaaaaat? I’m not in those acts.” She then said “Correct, no need to come.” Then later sent me an updated schedule which appears to be the same as the last one, so that didn’t change. I texted Brian basically saying “wtf?” and he said he had to go in because he’s in Act 2. Later he told me it was a good thing I didn’t have to go because it took them an hour to figure out costumes and the selection wasn’t great.

That’s about all for that day.


Lioness said to me that now she understands why I keep to myself at work and don’t speak up about a lot of things. ‘Nuff said.
I got through more of my workload, so there’s that.

Rehearsal: we did Acts 2 and 3 tonight, so I wasn’t doing much for most of the night. A fair chunk of people just left after their scene was done, which seems weird to me. Blonde Sarah is back from Europe and we found out that her mom Jean dropped out of the show due to scheduling. Wait, what? So now Sarah is doing the one scene with Amiens singing in it and some lines are now going to Isadora the page. I’m not sure what is going on with all the one-offs.

Phil brought in a sword for Orlando and ah, of course various folks were fascinated by this (hell, even I grabbed it at one point and was all, “I’m going to kill some immortals” about it). He also had on a skull shirt, which seems appropriate.

Laure continues to have technical difficulties up the wazoo in sending... whatever she is sending. On any medium.

This was Sarah’s first night of rehearsal, and I wanted to see how she did Phebe. Well....this scene actually got directed by Laure (I continue to be awkward as fuck in my first one but I don’t think she’s like, noticed) and we felt sorry for her how that was going. Mostly because she wants Brian to hug her leg in the scene. Oy.

“Well, the show’s in one month. No more messing around.” -Laure
“Awwwwww.” --everyone else

“Would anyone care? We’re all out wandering in the woods.” -Laure

“I don’t feel like I should be trusted.” -Cody, with the sword

“I’m a teacher and we do things off the top of our heads.” -Laure

Laure about one of the songs: “I can’t make heads or tails out of the song when I listen to it on YouTube.”

“My boss is my bitch.” -Cameron, lucky girl

At some point the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet came up in conversation and Cameron pointed out that technically it doesn’t say “balcony” in the text. One production she saw just had the two making out and delivering lines in between the making out. “This is what the Bard would have wanted.”

“Will everyone keep their voices to a minimum?” -Laure to those of us not on stage
“I don’t have a minimum voice.” -Cody

“I forever hate that song now.” -Brian on the Macarena because we never knew when to start doing it in TnT.

“I was just happy that I didn’t fall outta my shoes.” -Cameron on the Macarena

“She’s on to me. I’m actually an iguana.” -Cameron

Cameron on her fencing career and injuries sustained: “I’m not in any abusive relationship. Men with swords just attacked me. This did not assuage their fears.”

“We’re flying by the backseat of our doublet here.” -Cameron

At some point it was suggested that my goats be in trees, eating the letters.

“Oh goody, we have the tradition of the director’s cell phone again.” -me as Laure tries to play something on hers, giving me TnT flashbacks
“It’s an ancient tradition. The old ways must be respected.” -Cameron

“God, you’re a shit poet.” -Scott
“I have to hear that from Jaques, I don’t have to hear it from you.” -Cody

“Brian! This is a good time to grab her leg again!” -Cody

“The hardest form of stage combat: love!” -Cody

“I’m so glad I’m not directing this because Brian will have such bruises after this.” -Cody

“Silvius is a natural sub here.” -Cameron

“His perfect exit is she steps on his back.” -I forget who.

We had some discussion again as to whether or not the de Boys ever figure out that Ganymede is a girl. The overall conclusion was that Orlando is not bright enough to figure it out, but Oliver might have, especially after Ganymede’s fainting scene and catching “him.” “What was he grabbing?” Cameron noted.

“You can sail an entire ship through these plot holes.” -Cameron (we are in agreement on much in Shakespeare, apparently).

“You’re a man, you can do what you want. You can keep your hat on.” -Cody on why nobody ever seems to figure out why Rosalind and Viola are girls.

“He yelled at me and I thought it was hot!” -me on Phebe.

“How big is this forest, anyway?” -me
“Apparently not that big because we all keep running into each other with comedy hijinks.” -Cameron

At karaoke, Jim was there with his wife and kid again, who he introduced to me as his wife. I am so curious as to what is going on with this. I got to the bar first and nobody else in my group was there, so I ended up sitting with Jim’s kid Ashley (cute and sweet) and Nelly, who was telling me about a guy that likes her and that she likes back, but she was all “but I want to work on getting my life together and school and stuff.” I pointed out to her that some folks like her mom and me just don’t get the opportunities, and a situation where you like him and he likes you is incredibly goddamned rare so she should move on it. Who knows if she actually will, mind you.

Scott, Redhead Sarah and her date David, and Robert eventually came on in. She had mentioned to me that David is the guy she likes now and wanted to introduce him. I can’t say I got to have much conversation with him since they were farther down the table so right now I have no impression other than “dang, he looks like he just got off an ashram with all those dreads.” (This comes from someone who was wearing all the rainbow tie-dye again, mind you, so can I judge?) He also sang well at karaoke (I guess he’s in or has been in a band?) and I guess Pyrate Matthew knows him from other times. Anyway, hopefully I might get to know him better later, we’ll see. I hope he’s good for her sake.

I did “The Longest Time” (hint to Nelly? :p) which Pyrate Matthew approved of, Shirley did not. Alas, sometimes I don’t find out until I actually do the karaoke that my voice really sucks at a thing. When I am singing along at home I try to sing so I can’t hear myself (plus the actual music is going on over me, right) so....sigh. Oh well, guess and check and blah blah blah. When your voice sucks no matter what, does it matter what I do anyway, I suppose? That is pretty much my entire musical career really: I like music but it doesn’t seem to like me back so when I practice at home (either singing or playing an instrument) I’m always trying to do it so low it can’t be heard.

No late night chats tonight, just a showing off of the new car to Robert afterwards.

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