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Country Western Weekend

2004-07-05, 4:33 p.m.

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The rest of the weekend has been pretty damn good.

I was bored and about to go to bed Saturday night when Heather got off work and asked if I wanted to go to the Grad (the lone dance club in town) with her and the Cowboy. I jumped on it, even if it was country line dancing night. I say "even if it was" not because I have issues with country music, but because Heather pointed out just as we got there it might be difficult to learn the dances. I was all, "Oh, it can't be that bad, after all the dance classes I've taken, if I can't pick things up I'd be pretty stupid."

This was pretty much the case. The tricky part for me was that all of these dances required a lot of turning around and switching direction, and once I couldn't see someone else to follow I'd get all confused. Other than that, it wasn't all that different from stuff I've done before. The Cowboy was enormously helpful with learning, by sticking me in the middle between him and Heather so I could follow one or the other depending on what direction things were going. At one point he said to me something like it drove him crazy when people like me picked it up after 2 minutes. I said, "I've been doing dance for over ten years, I'd better be able to pick it up," and he's all "I hate you anyway." Hee.

What surprised me was how freaking tiring it was. After two line dances I'd have to sit down because my legs were killing me. I think I may have more than made up for cutting dance class. Amazing.

On Sunday, we went to the Folsom Rodeo...eventually. Much to everyone's surprise, the tickets actually sold out by the time we got there. So we wandered around the dinky carnival until they started selling tickets to get in and see the fireworks show. This pretty much meant that we got to see the last half of the rodeo anyway. As for the fireworks show, I think it's the best I ever saw. They did the first half of the show with the fireworks going off right in the arena, so they were right above you in close-up. That was AWESOME. If the Cowboy and Heather break up before next Fourth (let's hope not), I'll have to bug my aunt into taking me or something.

And after the rodeo, the funnel cake booth was handing out FREE drinks and corn dogs and funnel cakes! Whee! I also managed to restrain myself from buying a cute laceup shirt I wanted, so that's doing well on the spending front.

As for today, I'm the only one with a day off (or so it seems), so I went to see Spiderman 2. Which, actually, was incredibly depressing and the one downer in the last few days, but I'll leave a spoilerrific review link here for those who care.

It's a lovely day outside, and I'm trying to figure out what I can do outside that won't tempt me to shop. Alas... I can't think of anything open that I could hang out at that wouldn't tempt me to buy something, and I don't just want to walk around aimlessly in the heat and getting charbroiled after an hour of direct sun even with sunscreen on. So here I sit in the apartment, writing this entry and pondering what to do. Probably just check e-mail, really.

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