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4th of Juplaya, Part 2

2011-07-05, 8:31 a.m.

I went back to 4th of Juplaya again this weekend. It was fun, I had a good time. I went in Frog Pond Hot Springs both days, which was awesome as usual. I also went in the Traygo (spelling?) hot springs, which is really only for nighttime as there are no trees or shade by it and it is super hot. Like an actual hot tub. Though when I got too hot I could only stick so many body parts out of the water to attempt to cool off, and that was after like 3 minutes. Also it was the damned muddiest hot springs ever ever ever because yeesh, it literally pulled the innards of my sandals apart. You can't wear any sandals that you'll ever want to wear again to the Black Rock Desert, because they will be trashed.

Didn't really do the shooting range thing this time. For one thing, they cleaned up the joint, which seems to have left some sort of bad juju going on for those who like to shoot things for some reason. And then Merry's husband got A Bad Feeling About This so we did not go watch the traditional shooting explosion of the Frogbat. (Note: it's about what it sounds like: a wooden frog with bat wings and fangs that gets stuffed with explosives and then people shoot at it. Happy Fourth Of July!) As it turns out, he was not too far off on the badness, because this year apparently they managed to set a hill on fire AND people did not bring enough water or fire extinguishers or something. So, yeah.

People think I'm nuts to go to the desert, but (a) hey, it's warm enough for me!, and (b) as long as you're not standing around directly under hot sun all the time it's not that freaking bad. (You probably should not spend time in your tent past about 8 a.m. until dark either.) People bring carports and set up pimpin' palaces of relaxation, so go hang out under one of those. It was fun. Even the evenings were pretty warm this time and I wasn't sleeping in three layers of sweats. Except for when we went swimming in Frog Pond at midnight, because getting out of the water THEN was making me scream "BRRRRRRRRR" quite a lot.

And I will say this for camping: it certainly gives you a renewed appreciation for being able to use regular toilets (after 3 days of PortaPotty and people stupidly eating chili) and showers when you come home.

So, all in all, I enjoyed myself. I'd do it again, though since we'll all have to work Monday next year and then the official day off is Tuesday (if Merry still works at the place she does this time next year, she will Not Be Allowed to take that Monday off), I don't know if it'll happen or not. Next year MIGHT be my one last year to go. Shame, really, it's an actual relaxing holiday for me, and that's something I tend not to do when there are things to go to and shopping opportunities.

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