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Overscheduled Summer

2011-07-13, 8:51 a.m.

God, this week ALREADY seems long. It's only Wednesday? Really?!

Not that I don't love teaching, not that I don't love taking classes. But I have overscheduled the shit out of myself this July!

Okay, you know how it is when you commit to something that is unlikely to happen? Or a couple of somethings? And then unexpectedly ALL OF THEM ARE RUNNING? And on top of that you get offered some last minute opportunities that you can't pass up?

Yeah, so here's my schedule for this month:

Mondays: teaching glass mosaic, which, much to my shock, actually got more than enough people to run this quarter. I am surprised it didn't run in winter but did in summer (usually there's tons of cancellations then). Go figure. Though I had a blast teaching it. I was at the CC until after 10 p.m. because I also ended up giving a tour to a bunch of parents who wandered into the building at 9:50 p.m. (the CC closes at 10). They were super enthusiastic about this stuff and I think at least half of them were crafters themselves, so they knew what I was talking about. It was so adorable!

Tuesdays: taking a stained glass class. I've done a little stained glass (jewelry/ornaments, that's a 1-2 day thing) here and there, but not for awhile because I was considered terrible at foiling (note: you stick this foil tape onto the side of your glass pieces to facilitate using solder to metal melt them together) and once Jess moved out of here I had nobody to do it for me. But this teacher didn't have a problem with how I do it, so that's nice. I finished a small little mirror piece last night and started monkeying about with jewelry again. I am undecided if I'm going to make more jewelry (these two pieces were ridiculously popular when I first made them. People asked me if I had more, but I did not) or actually try to make a bigger piece. I should probably try for bigger.

But either way, I was at the CC for a long time both nights, and I have volunteering on Thursday nights there too. I think Wednesdays are gonna be the night I collapse. I stupidly bought a gym class pass for this month, not thinking this shit out ahead of time much, and now I think I'll end up being tempted to go home and collapse rather than work out on Wednesdays, just because I have the option. Grr. At this rate the only time I'll use the pass is to go weight lifting on Sundays, the other day of the week they have classes on that I can go to.

As for the weekends, I have CC workshops booked for the next four full Saturdays in a row. One day of advanced spinning and three days of corset making! I did a class in this at the CC ages ago and someone's bringing it back. Even smarter is that the first day is going to be FIELD TRIP DAY and the teacher accompanies you to a specialty store so you can get the right goods for corset shopping (note: can't do that at JoAnn's.). Very good idea.

The classes start winding down in August, or at least come the second week of August I'll be down to one class and they're all done by week 3. And then I will be, doing Camp NaNoWriMo. It's a good thing I am not having a vacation this year, I don't seem to have the time for it after all.

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