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The Night of Bugs

2019-08-03, 9:38 p.m.

Second show night! This one also went well. I thought Loretta and Dawn were going to show up, but they decided not to go that night and didn’t tell me :p Jean did come and a lot of the Shakespearean ladies did a kickline to “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” afterwards for her.

We might want to call this one the Night of Bugs because I’m told at some point Cameron had some giant bug land on her and she wasn’t able to swipe it off herself, and Jim and I spotted a grasshopper along the back wall toward the end.

Backstage quotes (note: I moved so I could hear more of whatever it was Germaine was saying in the opening):

Laurel somehow finds a third lightsaber. “She pulled it out of the magic k-space,” said I.

Valentin claims that Laurel has confused/hurt him seven times. I...don’t even know what is going on with these people, y’all. Okay, I have my suspicions but I’m not gonna go there.

As Germaine talks about the play being about dysfunctional families: “Nobody ever does plays about functional families.” -me

“It is the Year of the Woman, so we have a duchess.” -Germaine on the gender-swap of Duke Frederick/Duchess Frederica in our production.

“We’re all just a bunch of forest bums.” -me

“A goat girl, not too bright but sweet.” -Germaine on Audrey (me).

“It’s a comedy, so we’ve resurrected the villain at the end.” -Germaine

Germaine explains that “honest” also means “chaste and pure” here.

Laure announces that the kitchen will be serving a “favorite Renaissance treat, root beer floats.” I wanted one so bad, but figured (a) it’d take forever standing in line, (b) kinda obvious I’m in the show in this outfit and it’s a little ridiculous to be hitting the food line when you’re in the show, and (c) I’d most likely dribble something down my goats if I did that. I got my own at home, alas.

Tonight’s pee train: Laurel, Elizabeth, Isadora, me. Laure asked me if I was laughing in the back and I said I was definitely not laughing. Haven’t had much to laugh at this week so I’ve been well behaved.

Tonight’s un-Shakespearean background music: Jumpin’ Jack Flash playing over at the Green River bar. Also, our historically accurate boxing ring noises.

“Yoo-HOOOOOOOOOO.” -Laurel as LeBeau.

“You can tell how closely I have NOT read the play.” -Carol, who just noticed that Rosalind is dressed like a guy now.

There was some discussion of how Shakespearean quickie weddings equate to the hookups of the modern era.

I still want to know how Rosalind has been conversing with a magician since age 3. How precocious was she, anyway?

“Oh, stop harassing my daughter, she doesn’t want you.” -Jean to Brian after the show was over.

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