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2019-08-09, 9:56 p.m.

I found out that according to the Internet, I read 1392 words per minute. Too bad they made me read shitty shitty Dickens, though.

I also heard my officemates having what I would describe as the sweetest nicest fight I ever saw. It wasn’t quite “You’re schmoopy!” “No, YOU’RE schmoopy!” but we had another job posting for the most recent open slot here and the temps were arguing over who’s best qualified for the job and it was all, “You are!” “No, you are!” Rather adorable, really.

I hope they both get hired, mind you, but I do kind of have to concur that the fellow has had the harder job of it than the lady so far and ... yeah, I wouldn’t be shocked if that is held against him because being thrown into running the call center has not gone well for most of the predecessors in the last few years, and the most successful of the bunch (Maria) worked in it for years before running it, and people are judgypants. Sigh. Not under my control.

Also, we had this conversation:
“You have the same initials as Hello Kitty?”
“I never thought of that! This is why I love you!”

Third night of the show and I had Dawn and Loretta on one side and Mom, Mauricio and Karin on the other, thankfully not seeing or mingling with each other. (I tried to talk my friends into not being there at the same time as my mom, but I can’t really tell others what to do and they would not be dissuaded.) All of that went well, thank goodness.

Hanging out with Scott backstage was back to normal as usual. He asked if I had tweezers on me (no) because he was having some issue with the drawstring on his pirate pants getting lost in the wash. However, he had them on at the time so uh, obviously this conversation didn’t go farther than that.

At some point Laure told me that she was in Mensa. I don’t know what to say to that, but she thinks I should join.

Backstage quotes:

“Jennifer, we really missed you last night. I had to play your part.” -Chris

“I’m the only nut that will be there.” -Jim

“If I had a dime every time I had to decide about my bangs...” (Brian?)
“I cursed my bangs and look what happened.” -Chris, who doesn’t have much in the way of hair.

This meme was discussed.

“My superpower is annoying voices.” -Scott

“How many people managed to walk on that tent” (the changing one, now has footprints on it) “earlier?” -me
“Spider-Man, Spider-Man.” -Cody

Valentin starts taking photos with a giant Fujfilm/Polaroid-y camera. He gets one of Scott and Cameron and the edge of my hair.
“I don’t look as ridiculous as I hoped. Damn!” -Scott.
“That’s just the right amount of me in that shot, not at all.” -me
Valentin then took a giant shot of my head.

“I accused (Cameron) of being a witch.” -Valentin

“I just assume the aliens dropped me off.” -me

“And I’m the weirdo?” -Scott
“Who isn’t?” -me
“Get in line.” -Cameron

Cameron on Rosalind: “It takes her a few seconds to decide, ‘How about I dress up like a boy and cause problems?’”

“Valentin is a menace.” -Cameron

“How is his camera going off without him touching it?” -me on Valentin’s camera, guess what it was doing.
“Best not to ask.” -Cameron

“If you come that close tomorrow, I may punch you.” -Cameron
“Fair enough.” -Scott

“That’s a very subtle prance there, Touchstone.” -me

Pee Train riders tonight: same as last Saturday.

Tonight’s sound effects: it was cooler but also HELLA windy tonight, causing Scott to grumble that someone should really have put foam around the microphones.

“And doing Snoop Dogg in a regional accent.” -Valentin
“And I fancy your goats.” -Valentin

Shelly talked to someone over the weekend about The Song and someone pointed out the legal issues that Scott and I have been muttering about to her. “And I’m the one singing it so I might get arrested,” she said. Scott was all, no, it’d be Laure getting arrested.

Laurel brought clay for people to play with backstage. When some was handed to Cameron, she was all, “Is it some kind of cursed object?”

Laurel and I have both dressed up as Rainbow Brite, as it turns out.

By contrast to that revelation: “I’m the brooding type.” -Scott

“You are the rudest.” ---Laurel to Valentin

More carpool was discussed, and it looks like Scott will be handling the my-town aspect of the carpooling, as Robert is going to be staying there that day and Laurel and I are well, going in his car now. So I guess that car ride is settled, at least. Also I’m tired of trying to get the other locals to answer me :p (All is forgiven, I guess I’ll get in your car...)

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