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A Long Update

2014-08-19, 2:41 p.m.

Okay, so the things that have gone on in the last week...or two weeks, I think.

1. I came down with the plague that is going around the office. I don't think it was QUITE pneumonia because when I had that, I had it for a solid week without any improvement (at which point then I went to the doctor), and this cold wasn't quite that bad. But I was out sick for a day two weeks and for a day last week, which is pretty bad for me. I only took days off on days where nothing super important was going on at work. It did have a lovely lingering horrible cough a la pneumonia though, which meant that I needed to get to the gym as much as possible on the days I could go to work that shit out of my lungs. I am happy to report that I only have a slight cough at this point, so I seem to finally be almost over it. Huzzah.

2. Mom's insane level of nagging about vacation turned out to actually have some reasons: like she has been forbidden from taking vacation from January-June now, so all of it has to be used in the latter six months of the year. (And uh, let's say I've heard other things that make it sound like her work is having issues.) One way or another, vacation must be used up NOW because uh....there will not be later opportunities for such. So Mom actually *gasp!* used her time share and we are going to Big Island of Hawaii next month. Woot!

3. This is actually terrible timing for my work because we are behind on a huge amount of work that we have to have done ASAP (we have to do 10,000+ records, I think the set deadline is....I don't even know, they keep secretly moving it up to boot, but it used to be December 1. We're about through 1,000+ of 'em after a month and a half.). And I was out sick for two days so of course next to nothing was done on it if I'm not there. And with me being out on vacation, really nothing will get done then either....So my boss is looking into making us work on Saturdays. I am not happy about this (there's lots of things I'd like to be doing on fall weekends), but I will have to do as they say. And theoretically they have to pay us for that, right?

4. L came to visit for a VERY short period of time--I don't think she was even here for 24 hours before she had to leave for two conferences. But we got to hang out for a bit, and it was fun, and I got to hear about her brother's surprise engagement (the girl thought she was getting proposed to in Italy...nope!) and how she started dating a guy but just found out that hoo boy, is he more politically conservative/clueless than she thought, so she wants to break up with him. He kind of sounds more like a "for now" guy than a guy she'd settle down with, so that's probably all for the best, I suppose. Wish it could have been longer, but what can you do.

5. I also got to hang out with Merry on a rare Saturday, because her husband went to Burning Man early. So we went out for sushi and attended the Time Traveler's Bazaar, which was cool. Kind of a steampunk-ish craft fair, general nerd meetup sort of thing? I got a book on mail order bride marriages (yeah, I know that's weird) and kit on painting pendants, Merry got a octopus pin. We saw great costumes and crafts. It was a cool thing to attend. After that, we sat around watching episodes of The Quest, which is interesting--albeit I fear it's totally biased tor a man to win because almost everything they do is a strength-based quest, darn it. Also, there's a Karma Houdini already. Guh. But hey, who doesn't want to go to a fictional world over our shitty real one?

6. My mosaic class is running. It has had scheduling issues once again, though not quite as bad as "Surprise, you thought you were teaching class and you're not!" and "Surprise, your students totally thought they were enrolled in a different class!." I like that manager, but...oh my god, he's terrible at scheduling. (Also see "surprise, your volunteer night has been moved to TONIGHT with a few hours' warning.") This time it's "your class is running five weeks rather than four because oops" and "oh, btw, another class is in the same room with you at the same time." I did not find out the latter one until I arrived for class and the other instructor was all, "Did they tell you? They said they were going to tell you." Um, nope. However, we both have small enough classes to be able to divide the space, and neither of us does much lecturing, so it's been fine.

On the other hand...frankly, teaching has not been as fun the last couple of times. Okay, so I've been sick and that probably didn't help, and I can understand last time because everyone was in a class they didn't think they were going to be in. But this time...some people have flaked, and ... I don't know, I think people just aren't as into it as previous classes have been, somehow. That's kind of a bummer. Maybe that happens the more you teach, I don't know.

7. The class I was going on about here finally started yesterday. Not sure how it's going to go from here--it was a pretty introductory session last night, akin to the pre-class private session I did before. I had a questionnaire to fill out and I'm supposed to do some journal entries before I go to another private session next Monday. Theoretically at some point I need to figure out Exactly What I Want To Do In Life, jobwise--part of the journalling is to make a list of your skills. But I really can't think of what the hell job I even want. I don't think flaneur really counts as a job title. Or for that matter, a job.
I'm so tired of it being vague. I hope to god this class changes me or fixes me or something.

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