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Into The Woods Again

2019-08-31, 9:26 a.m.


Literally the most interesting thing I can say about this day was that Jared tried to explain flexible spending accounts to me. The day was duller than shit, but at least I looked nice. That’s all I got for Thursday, y’all. Oh yeah, and my boss liked the photos of Tahoe. Hee.


Went to Mom’s tonight. We went to Chili’s and ran into a couple she knows (I went to school with their kid, the lady works with my ex-cousin-in-law) and they were fun to hang out with.

Also I went on a walk with the second in command and she told me she used to work for the police and was told that a riot is like a pagan dance. To which I was all, hey, I have been to one of these and I have my doubts. And she was all, no, it’s something like, both of them have chanting (“I assume it’s not “the goddess is alive and magic is afoot,” I said) and nudity (“men at riots take their shirt off”) and large crowds....


First, I went to the eye doctor. This is something I have been stressing out about since last year since two years ago they decided my optic nerve was too big and now every time I go in there I have to have extra testing to see if I’m diabetic or god knows what. I don’t really want to talk about the meltdown I was having in there, but for now the lady said I was okay. Y’know, for now, anyway. I’ll never be able to go to the eye doctor again without stressing out.

Also, once you are of That Age, they can’t make glasses for you any more that solve all your vision problems. Which also sucks. Taking off my glasses to read at times is now normal. WTF? I do not get this.

Then I went to the Scottish Games, which was fun. I got two fancy overdress/vest things and another Renaissance-y blouse, a shiny blue necklace, two fans, and a patch. I have only seen these overdresses in Santa Cruz, but not in my size or in nice colors, so I was happy to find them from this vendor. One is purple and the other is teal. I love the overdress things, just need to figure out where the hell to wear them. I need to figure out when the fuck I want to do Renfaire trips this season, but am having issues figuring out when the fuck I am going to be free for such. Stuff keeps coming up, sigh.

Mom and I did discuss how Roger’s son is, shall we say, just not into having to deal with the likes of us. Neither of us knows what it’s like to come from divorced parents or what issues come from that, but ...whatever, dude.

After that we went to see Into The Woods. This is a show where I like the first half--I enjoy how the fairy tales are all woven together into one story--and then don’t like the second half much because it’s depressing as fuck. I like the overall plot idea with the giant wanting revenge, but dislike how at least half the murdered characters (I’m looking at you, Rapunzel and Baker’s Wife) get killed off pointlessly just to up the body count and make others sad. Blech. Afterwards, Mom said, “If we hadn’t had other people here with us, could we have just left at intermission?” Clearly she doesn’t recall the last time we saw this show here.

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