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2019-09-17, 10:32 p.m.

I went to bed around 10:50. Around 11:55, I woke up slightly smelling smoke and my giant fan I had plugged in in the bedroom was...lit up in the dark somehow. It’s not supposed to be. I turned it off, unplugged it, took the thing out my front door, set it down and looked in the back of it and....yes, it was ON FIRE in there. I closed the door, went back in to get a water bottle to pour all over the thing, but when I got back, the fire had gone out on its own. Didn’t even set off a smoke alarm.

It shows how asleep I must have been that none of this fazed me in the slightest at the time, I didn’t get all agitated or afraid that there was a fucking fire in my bedroom, I just coolly dragged the thing out, NBD, y’all. Par for the course in the life of crazy ass chaos magnet Jennifer, apparently.

But after the fire was out, of course I couldn’t get back to sleep, because I never do. Won’t be sleeping tonight anyway because of the concert and having to leave for the plane tomorrow morning, so that sucks.

I told folks at work because Lioness was talking about us being firefighters again and thus I had to tell her about a literal incident. Lioness said she would have cried if I died. I’m pretty sure my enemy was SUPER disappointed to hear I didn’t burn in a fire of my own stupidity, though.

As for the concert: it’s my favorite musician, who I have not named in this blog before because I tend to get shit for mentioning the dude because he made an ass of himself years ago. For example, Redhead Sarah: “I heard he threw food at someone in a restaurant.” I doubt this one. However, I have outed myself as liking the dude or at least going to his concert to several folks of late (Luis said he wished he was going), so....should I be bothering any more? Does it matter? Well, to foil the Googlebots I’ll just leave the name out but otherwise you’ll figure it out today.

Anyway: I was a bit disappointed because it seemed like the musical selections were pretty much entirely from the emo side of his catalog. This was apparently the dead last concert on his tour, maybe he was just in that kind of mood, etc. I saw that Pino was playing on the tour, but not Steve, so he didn’t do any of the Trio stuff (which is my favorite of his various musical phases) and that was a bummer. It’s not like the music was bad, it’s just that literally none of my favorites came up and it was generally not that up tempo (usually he does a mix) and I wanted to be distracted more from feeling semi-emo myself about missing karaoke, which might have been more lively.

My neighbors walked out a few songs before the end and I was all, “for all the money you paid for these damn seats, to walk out early? Damn.” On the other hand, clearly I was in the “older folks with money” section rather than the “bimbo teen girl section” I was in last time (note: I’m sitting in the same area both times, just different crowds), and there was only one girl screaming that she wanted to have his baby this time. Every time someone does this at a concert I just roll my fucking eyes right out of the aren. Though I bet it’s a mindfuck for him to have random strangers want to jump him/get impregnated at concerts but IRL he’s apparently untouchable by everyone he meets. Very strange.

He did do a bit of banter tonight. I really miss him doing that--seriously, the celebrity crush wilted when he stopped saying interesting/hilarious random shit whenever it came to mind because he got his ass in so much trouble. I can’t blame him for shutting up and it’s probably all for the best, but man, it’s dull. I love it when things get random. One girl held up a poster saying that she’d sign an NDA for one night with him and he was all, “what if I want you to tell everyone?” and then started going on about how much he wants to be a dad, sigh. Otherwise known as, the other buzzkill to celebrity crush right there. “I wanna be a dad” is such a turnoff. Later he said one night while playing “Why Georgia” he started wondering if it was possible for him to be president and it threw him off.

And then the last song of the night was “New Light,” which he did while playing the music video behind it. This is one of my favorite music videos of all time (along with the already mentioned “High Horse”). I absofuckinglutely love how ridiculous this video is. He wearing literally the most ragged-ass clothes in the closet, super cheesy, does Miami Vice sunglasses pose a lot, has duplicates of himself) and it cracks me up so much. Then it finished with tons of confetti in the air. It was GREAT. I was all, “more of this, please.”

After I left, I saw several people who had somehow gotten T-shirts that made him look like some kind of Satan/devil worshipper and I was, I know sometimes his merch is random (tonight’s offerings were fairly strange) but this is SUPER random. And then an Uber pulled up blasting “New Light” with lights on in the car and a license plate of “R2D2 1.”

The next day at the airport I saw a shirt that said “Love Weekend”, which was almost “Love on the Weekend,” which he did during the show, so this amused me. I’m having fun with synchronicities right now even if they aren’t necessarily ah, guy-related.

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