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Monologue Rehearsal

2018-09-18, 9:34 p.m.

Well, I have so far managed to not be UTTERLY FRIED within the last two days of work. I got through 300+ e-mails over 2 weeks in one day, and while I still have a backlog, I have gotten through the urgent shit. So, huzzah! I do have one neck/back nerve that has been super tense since I got back home--I can drug it up with Excedrin for a few hours and then it comes on back--but on the scale of my usual, that's not bad.

I guess the two weeks off really helped. Either that or this week isn't super nutterpants compared to next week since it's kind of a dead/intermission week in our schedule.

I talked to my therapist today and she said I am being paranoid about thinking I am being apartment-stalked. Let's hope she's right!

Somebody moved in with a small child who cries a lot in this complex. I think they are a few doors down because the noise doesn't sound like right next door and I'm pretty sure the noobs moved in on the apartment on the other side from there, but it's still rather loud.

In other less trivial news, I went to a rehearsal tonight for the show I'm going to (definitely) be in this weekend! A while back, I saw on the theater auditions mailing list for the area that they were looking for storytellers for a show. I submitted two written pieces and got in (I don't know how many they picked or if everyone just gets in?) and they asked that we come on one of two nights to rehearse first. So half of us (16 total) went today and the rest I presume go tomorrow.

I hadn't been to/heard of this theater company before and it's in a cute location at the back of a street behind a park with a lot of free parking, so that's a yay. The fellow running it seems nice and has a strong resemblance to Robert Guillaume. Anyway, he had everyone do their story or stories (me and one other guy submitted two and he said we could pick whichever one we want to do for the final, so we performed both tonight) and timed them to see if they made the 7.5 minute mark. Some did, some didn't, mine certainly were under so huzzah for me and timeliness.

I admit I am feeling a little intimidated. Everyone seems nice but this is a bit of a different storytelling crowd from the things I've been to here--more like, almost everyone did theatrical dramatic monologues in which they were playing A Character and here I am telling silly real life shit about silent discos and dead birds. (I haven't decided which to do yet.) I don't know what the other half is doing tomorrow night--I do know one other guy performing (Ed, he gets around) but who knows on the rest. Some folks seemed to know each other so maybe they are regulars at this theater and dramatic monologues may be The Thing here. But hey, the director seemed fine with it so I guess I'm good, I suppose.

I didn't get that many laughs at either piece I did, but eh, you never know on that sort of thing and that's what the director said. Some nights people laugh, some don't, just roll with it. I agree with that logic.

My favorite dramatic monologue of the night was from a lady named Gloria (she seems vaguely familiar but I don't think I know her?) who did a monologue about a "Jesus chair" that the character's grandma had. The character thought it was made by Jesus until some friend of his said "Look at the date, it's 1874" (or whatever date it was). Later, the character wants to be a veterinarian but when they go to the career counselor the counselor is all "colored people go to work at the factory." Character is all, "so I went to work at the factory and I hated it," and I am all I AM RELATING TO THIS STORY HERE. Later the character asks his grandmother about the Jesus chair and the grandmother says it was made by her ancestor, whose name was Jesus, and carpentry was his calling. And this is followed up by the grandmother saying--I forget how it was phrased, but it was something like "Jesus didn't go through all of that for you to not follow your calling." So the main character worked at the factory for a few more years, took classes and got into vet school. I was very touched. I think I got a little verklempt there.

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