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It's The Age Of Ghosting

2019-09-24, 7:23 a.m.

Had to wake up around 6 because it was a 2 hour drive in bad traffic to the airport (Mom and I are agreed that if we ever moved to San Diego, we would not move to the burb that Pat is living in), during which she was quite grumbly. Whee. We actually made it earlier than expected, that was nice. Flight was uneventful, it took half the flight to get to the shuttle to get dropped off at the car, the driver was amusingly cranky and yelling at people.... but suffice it to say I can use a break from Mom.

She finally left around 3:15, so I went to do errands, like (a) paying off a lot of my credit card because I got insurance reimbursed, (b) groceries, library books, stuff like that, (c) waiting in line for 50 minutes(!) to get my car washed, good lord, and finally (d) driving around town trying to find anywhere that sold a tall oscillating fan. The good news is that I found one, the bad news is that I somehow can’t get it to assemble because the fan cap is already stuck on and won’t come off. Argh.

So yeah, I’m back and I don’t wanna be. And for the record, it’s been a week since the auditions for the last show ended and I can only assume at this point that I did not get in. Of course. Ugh. I am cranky (she says at 7:30 p.m.).

Karaoke: I had both good moments and moments of grumpiness tonight.

(a) Sarajean (no idea where Redhead Sarah was) and her coworker Oleg were in the bar when I got in, so I hung out with them for most of the night. They work at a cannabis farm and due to some new legal regulation, are now forced to destroy a lot of cannabis plants, so they were kind of bummed about that and drinking. We hung out, talked about crazy relatives, I told them about the Book of Mormon musical, and Sarajean and I dueted on “The Lumberjack Song” and “Danger Zone.” The latter went a lot better than the former, because who knew that “The Lumberjack Song: had like, all the dialogue about the weather report and a bunch of listings of weird trees at the start? I also watched them try the “Cinna...something Crunch” drink, which was horchata, fireballs(!) and cinnamon and rum and I guess was supposed to be the alcoholic equivalent of a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I wasn’t drinking that but they said it wasn’t very firebally and was pretty good.

(b) I got some other compliments tonight I wish I had written down, but Frank (older gentleman) asked to duet with me and we did “You’re The One That I Want From Grease,” Matthew liked that one and said we should keep doing it. Later Doris sang “Last Dance” and wanted folks to get up and dance, and Frank wanted to dance with me, so we did that. Reminded me of dancing with my dad, except with dad I had a looooooot more rehearsal on twirls and how to do them. I love twirls but they are hard and need rehearsing so you don’t crash every time. Or most times.

(c) On my own, I sang “Return of the Mack” to commemorate returning from vacation (so-so, you’d think you sing “Return of the Mack” a lot on this, but noooooo, it’s a lot of oooooh noises instead), “Hard Times” by Paramore (this may be my karaoke doppelganger right there, this went well), “You Keep Me Hanging On,” (I’m not a Supreme, but otherwise pretty good) and “A Good Run of Bad Luck,” which was slightly trickier than expected. Matthew said one of his favorite things about me was that I have no fear. Certainly true in performing! Don’t care if I suck at it! Whatever! Just going for it!

(d) Robert and Janene came in after rehearsal (Scott is apparently still sick and the cast is going around getting the same cold, I guess Cody is next) and I guess it is not going great because they only just got off book, have to have more rehearsals, tech week starts Sunday and nobody actually knows when that is going on (huh?!), etc. This all sounds confusing.

(e) Robert and I compared notes about a few things. On Little Shop: he’s still trying to find someone to take Janene’s ticket, unclear if he is going for Redhead Sarah or someone named Caitlin if Redhead Sarah doesn’t, or whatever, but he’s working on it, okay. There is a lot of “maybe folks in Sacramento need to be picked up” going on now? I am so confused on that whole thing now. I just sent out some tedious email asking someone to let me know wtf is going on (by which I mean Jean, pretty much....).

(f) I asked if Robert had heard aback about Coney Island and he said no. This made me feel better at the time because I figured if I don’t get in, at least he would, and then he kept swearing up and down that Anita said she’d call and she’s reliable and maybe she’s just figuring out stuff with the show or splitting parts up or whatever and she calls when she says she calls. To which I was all, well, that’d be nice, but I think if you were wanted you’d get contacted after a week* and in my experience as a general acting loser**, almost nobody contacts you to say no any more. It’s the Age of Ghosting, y’know?*** You hear nothing and you have to take the hint and shut it.

* also, I need to get back to the Craft Center NOW, literally now, about volunteering and they start taking newbies tomorrow and if I am not going to be in a show I might as well volunteer.
** okay, didn’t quite phrase it like that in conversation, but you get the drift. I suspect he doesn’t get turned down much.
*** I admit I did grumble to him Quite A Bit about how I’m not bothering planning on having anyone else go to the Renaissance Faire, either trip, because I’m fed up with planning shit and poking people and I’ve had enough of all of that this month, and he was all “well, tech week,” and I’m like whatever, I’m not that concerned on tech week since even if it starts at 5 y’all could be back before then, but I’m tired of bugging folks all the time and getting no response. Except from Robert, god bless Robert.

(g) Then later I talked to Janene and she said, “Scott got called back.” (Ahem, he auditioned after all?! So the one person who was being kinda eh on the whole thing did get in?! Ironic, don’t ya think?) So yeah, Robert and I are not in and somehow I ended up having to tell him this. He still has hope, but ... yeah, I dunno if that is realistic to have at this juncture, or how much you can fanwank in your head about “maybe she’s waiting to hear back from other folks” or whatever. (My mother said the same via text, incidentally, along with “why aren’t you in bed yet?”) I am a hardcore realist and well, you gotta move on. I don’t really know the lady or how she works, or maybe she just changed from how she works from being reliable to flaking on calling folks or whatever, but this does not sound like something that is likely to change at the last minute, realism-wise. And like I said, I wouldn’t have cast me in the part anyway, even though Janene said she liked what I did with it (awww).

So I both had a great time and am rather cranky (if unsurprised in the end, really) all at once. And as Mother said, need to go to bed (yeah, right).

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