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2019-10-05, 9:11 p.m.

I spent the day shopping, more or less. I went to the Hawaiian Festival (alone because man, I’m tired of organizing shit, it didn’t even occur to me to ask anyone to go until I got there) and rebought some bags/backpacks because mine are wearing out, calendars and flowers for my hair. I made a paper flower lei. I got several fake flower tattoos. I had the delicious shave ice from Local Kine food truck again and it was perfect. That said, I was about done by 2 so I decided to go Halloween shopping.

I hit the nearest Halloween City and tried on some wigs (terrible) and their Captain Marvel costume, which is a unitard, only decorated on the front, costs $54 and supposedly the star lights up but I couldn’t get that to work. I really need to work on finishing mine soon because lord knows I’m not wearing a unitard and I don’t have live Photoshop to make me look less....R rated IRL. That’s all I’m gonna say about how that looks on an actual human body.

I then went to Evangeline’s, where they didn’t even have a Captain Marvel costume, though their unicorn stashes and fairies were spot on. I tried on more wigs there. I have been thinking that I need to replace my missing brunette wig, y’know, just in case I ever need to join Witness Protection or something. I used to have a “dominatrix” (that was the brand name) wig from Evangeline’s I can’t find, so I tried that on on and man, it was not the same. I tried on shorter and shorter wigs and looked bad to mildly terrible. Turns out I look bad in black hair, kind of the same effect as when I wear bright orange: I could haunt a building. I need to look for a brown wig or something. Cabaret wig hair also is not the best on a round Italian face.

I bought some unicorn merch in the store (earrings, a pin about being a Froot Loop in a world of Cheerios, a “Magical AF” sticker and a heart yarn patch) and while I was in there, I overheard a lady asking, “Do you have Michael Jackson children’s costumes?”
(ba dum bump)
Someone clearly did not think through the implications of that one.

I complimented a lady on her purple hair and then her kid said he loved my hair. That’s adorable.

In some other store in Old Sac, someone found one of those pillows with the changing sequins and drew someone flipping the middle finger out of them. GOOD JOB. I also had a run in with....well, if you’ve ever heard of the San Francisco Bushman, there is now one in Old Sac doing the same. I led out a bloody murder scream, followed by “Good one!”

On my way back to town, I got texts on the Pyrate karaoke group text that Matthew was over at Jim’s and they wanted to throw a party. I said that sadly, most of us are in a show tonight (and probably can’t go, and indeed they did not, but hey, for once not getting in that show paid off for me) but I’ll come after.

The show I went to tonight was called “Fat Kid Rules The World,” which is based off a book and a movie that you probably never heard of. It is a delightful musical about a suicidal fat kid getting rescued from jumping off into the subway by a homeless dropout musician kid who is supposed to be the Kurt Cobain of their high school cohort. Curt (yup, that’s how it’s spelled) is basically looking for someone to buy him a meal and gloms onto Troy the fat kid for this. Curt is in a snit because his drummer, Ollie, wants to quit the band because she’s reasonably hella fed up with him. Upon seeing Troy drum on a table, and Troy admits to having played drums as a kid, Curt decides that Troy is his new drummer.* So everyone hangs out with the rest of the band** and deals with how Curt is on the one hand, charismatic about having all of his shit hang out and how punk rock it is, versus the fact that he’s a walking sad trainwreck because his stepfather threw him out, his mother didn’t do shit about it, and the stepfather beats him to boot. Troy’s dad kind of adopts Curt, which is really nice.

* Note: for all the hay made about Troy getting drumming lessons from Ollie and practicing and whatnot, he somehow never actually does any drumming until the end. I can’t help but think after hearing that the main actors have been working on this for 2 years, the actor playing Troy might actually know how to drum? I think it was just someone else doing it below.
** I still want to know why Piper, the flashiest dresser in the cast, isn’t actually IN the band and just writes the songs.

I would like to mention off topic that Ollie had on flashy purple platform boots on for most of the show and all I could do was stare at the boots when she was onstage. Waaaaaaaaaaaaant. Would probably hurt myself walking in them (I gave up platforms after tripping on too many bad curbs I couldn’t feel), but they were gorgeous.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that (a) vomiting on your audience is “punk rock”.... no, not really, it’s that (b) people are gonna look at you, but all you can do is not care about what others are saying about it. True dat. And the music was good too. So, I liked and would recommend whenever it goes to NYC or whatever.

I knew one guy in the show (JR, last seen at Westeros Side Story) who was playing the dad. I didn’t know he was in this one, but after yesterday I was now thinking, “Fuck, does JR now know I’m here just from the laugh?” If he’d been outside after the show, I would have asked, but he was not.

As for tonight’s secret karaoke party at Jim’s:

Jim has a big ol’ computer area/sound setup that he and Matthew were having a great time playing with, which I guess had been going on for hours before my arrival.

I told everyone about the laugh thing yesterday and Matthew’s response to this was, “You don’t have a laugh, you have a cackle. And I love you for it.”

Ashley and I have talked about knitting (she went to one of those elementary schools that teaches you how) and she broke out hers and I broke out mine. That was adorable. Ashley and I also have the same music taste (and dueted twice) despite our age differences.

At one point Jim’s chair broke out from under him. “It’s not a party until Jim breaks a chair!” Apparently their table furniture is flimsy enough that this is the third chair of a set that has broken.

I finally asked where the super weird shit in the catalog comes from. He said some of it came with the overall set and others he hunted down/added in himself. We both love “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron.”

Toward the end, Matthew started raiding his playlist of dirty song parodies, which was amazeballs. My favorite of the night was Ray Stevens’s “The Streak.”, which I will have to request again when Scott is around. There was also “After The Humpin,” and “Poontang Sally.”

I mentioned that we (i.e. me and Robert) were pondering doing something on Halloween since we won’t have rehearsal, and this led to an idea of Matthew throwing another Halloween party at the secret theater. YESSSSSSSSS LET’S DO THIIIIIIIIIIIIIS. I hope it happens. Though seriously, I need to work on my Halloween costume and I keep on stalling about it so damn much right now. Like writing this entry, for example.

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