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Another Boss Leaving Again

2019-10-07, 2:39 p.m.

Well, it was Quite A Day.

1. My boss announced that she’s quitting for another job, which starts in two weeks. I know she’s been looking for a long time, so good for her. I’m glad she can get out. As for us, who the heck knows, I am assuming either Original 2nd in Command (our grandboss) becomes our supervisor or we get the chick who has been interim manager for almost every unit and used to work in ours before.

I do admit that I thought, “hey, I can decorate how I want in my office, ditch the nametag and dye my hair a funny color now!” And I do hope that is the end of the 2 hour Monday morning 8 a.m. meetings.

2. I immediately had a one on one with my boss after that announcement, which made my saying “Uh, I can’t fix 1100 records” rather pointless and anticlimactic!

3. I later went to a meeting about the records issue with my old team, in which I found out it is really 1500 records due to computer bug, more or less. We all had to introduce ourselves and where we were in the hierarchy and everyone else is “senior associate analyst” whatever, and I was all, “assistant, not in this group.” I was feeling sleepy during this meeting and ate a lot of candy.

This was also the office where I applied for a job (again) a few months ago, and they said in this meeting they were having problems hiring. I don’t know if that means “we’re not making it through the hoops HR is making us go through” or “all the candidates such as yourself suck,” or what, but I guess that is a wee bit more hopeful than “didn’t make it to the interview stage.” Then again, that probably still means I don’t make it to interview stage.

4. On the synchronicity side, I lost one of my rings yesterday (I hope it turns up since I never left the house during the time it went away), but found one today on the street. A white blingy heart ring. Ahem.

5. They announced that the power may be out for five days in this area starting Wednesday. So far my town is not on the list, but where the theater is and Scott’s house are on the list due to low population/him living in the damn boonies. I think Robert/Janene’s house also is on the fringe too? Unsure if they will be having theater shows this weekend or not there. I got into one in Sacramento but so far that one’s not on the map yet.

6. I went to knitting group tonight and Alison came in to show off her ... I think she called it “wretched piece” from Sheep to Shawl. She said they’d won for the last few years and it’s probably good someone else won so people don’t get fed up. But that said, she had mistakes on the bottom and someone actually cut a hole in the piece, so...

After that I went to rehearsal, where it was the first time that Scott, Cameron, and Robert were there. First we had a lecture from Linda, our old director, about Jewish culture. “I’m going to give you a crash course in Judaism in twenty minutes.” This was different from what I expected. For whatever reasons I can’t explain, I’ve always been interested in Jewish culture even though technically I don’t particularly want to convert, so I know most of the stuff like general holidays, vocabulary words used in the play, etc.

#1 thing: “We feed people.” She talked about the diaspora = the world before Israel, and how Jews don’t think Jesus is the Messiah and they’re still waiting on the Messiah. She covered the three categories of Judaism and atheism, Sephardic vs. Ashkenazi, how holidays start the night before, etc.

She also went into the story of Hanukkah, and “nobody really knows if it’s true or not.” Someone said, “Isn’t there oil involved?” She was reading from some kids’ book and frankly, this did not go as I thought it did. There was a lot about how Alexander the Great wanted to conquer the world but was a friend to the Jews and then everyone fought with the Greeks....I was not expecting so much on that topic. Eventually she got to the oil thing.

“This is all stuff we made up because Christmas is so important and we had to compete.”

She also noted, per the play, that the penalty for desecrating the Sabbath is death and the Sabbath is supposed to be more sacred than Yom Kippur.

I did get to fill in as a random caroler on the stage during the Christmas pageant tonight, along with Bridget (Mrs. Kornblum). We were snarking in the corner in the back, along with Scott after he moved over to that side. Robert did Santa Claus and turns out to be able to do a surprisingly booming voice at it.

Quote Corner:

* “Nobody dead except the people who were supposed to.” -Cameron, I assume this was discussing The Viewing Room.
* “It’s great, we have a coffin in it, how bad could it be?” -Cameron, same
* “Oh no, I’m on stage, oy vey.” -Linda
* “We do everything backwards.”-Linda
* “I really don’t want to perform a Christmas pageant in front of a coffin.” -Anita
* “Stop standing in a straight line, you’re gonna drive me nuts.” -Anita
* “Your director will have a heart attack if you stand that close to the edge.” -Anita
* Anita mentioned people riding donkeys (!?) in this (“can I play a donkey?” I thought), and then Scott was all, “There are already enough asses in this play,” while pointing to himself.
* “Scott, you’re in charge of sound effects.” -Anita.

Scott did hang around to talk to me (or wait on Cameron, whichever it was) afterwards, where we talked about dealing with kids, specialty elementary schools, his ex again and how stuff makes him think of her. To which I was all,“You’ll get over it sometime...” Also, how the play went the rest of the weekend (Mark went to it on Saturday. the guy playing the dad actually remembered his lines on Sunday) and how it may not be going on this weekend and whether or not they can get a generator for the community center and how presumably everything else in town will be closed without one, and how his house is on the list and they need to get a generator. All I could say was good luck with that. I can’t imagine living out that far and dealing with stuff like power outages, no Internet, bears (okay, that’s Mary at Sierra’s house), rattlesnakes, etc. The weirdest it ever gets in the burbs is when the random turkeys wander by. I can’t even imagine a 5 day outage. I lived through 48 hours of one once over a weekend, but 5 days?!

In other news, Janene briefly dropped into rehearsal to ask if she could borrow “some kind of rainbow poncho or something” because her current outfit in the play is a black poncho and orange top as her “hippie” wear and I guess Jesse is finding this dull. I do not own a rainbow poncho, but sent her several photos of rainbow vests, my purple poncho, etc. as possibilities. Jesse sounded interested in the vests, so I’ll bring them by karaoke tomorrow.

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