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On Your Feet

2018-10-14, 5:03 p.m.

Reviews of things I have seen lately:

* A Star Is Born: I was debating about seeing this one. On the one hand, the stuff I saw online looked fantastic and I like the soundtrack. On the other hand, I hate the depressing theme of A Star Is Born. Who wants to watch a guy get wasted and kill himself? My shrink brought it up and said there were certain lines in it that reminded her of me with regards to performing, so I saw it.

It was...okay, I guess? Better than I expected. The music and acting is great, even if some things I am not so thrilled with (does Ally have any agency? also, kinda sexist moments at times). I expected him being a jerk to her to be a whole lot worse than it was--he pretty much has one moment of that and then stops, and he more embarrasses himself at the Grammys (as in, he’s wasted and pees himself on stage) than her, it’s not insulting. But damn, his eyes when he realizes he should off himself. Oh my god. Also, notice the foreshadowing of hanging himself in his first scene, damn.

* The first episode of the Thirteenth Doctor of Doctor Who: I found a Fathom Events showing of this and went to it. I like her so far, though I was disappointed that the most interesting sidekick bit it. THEY BETTER BRING HER BACK IS ALL I’M GONNA SAY.

* On Your Feet! This is a musical based on the life of Gloria Estefan and her husband Emilio. Hardly anyone these days has heard of her, apparently, which makes me sad because I got brought up on her music. I wanted to see it for the music, but kind of wondered how they’d do a plot based on her life because in all honesty, she hasn’t had much drama for a pop star. She’s been happily married to Emilio, her first boyfriend ever, since she was about 21 and the one drama in her life has been being in a bus crash. That is kind of the issue with this--much as I’ve enjoyed the bio-musicals of Beautiful and Jersey Boys, Gloria just doesn’t have that much plot. I’m happy she’s had a relatively nice life, but...

In Act 1, Gloria and Emilio meet and she joins his band. We find out that Gloria’s dad has MS, and I get horrible deja vu from seeing a man in a wheelchair shaking. Gloria’s mom wanted to be a star, but her father wouldn’t permit it and then she had to move out of Cuba, so she is a little cranky on this topic. (Also, Emilio is kind of a malaproper and calls Gloria’s mom--Gloria Senior, as it turns out--old when he asks for the wrong Gloria.) Most of Act 1 is based on trying to get Gloria to be a crossover artist and get anyone to listen to her singles in English. Act 2 features Gloria and her mom becoming estranged for a few years until the bus crash happens, and Gloria has to have whopping back surgery and see if she can walk again/recover, which she does.

The music’s great, though. I’ve missed listening to her. She is really good.

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