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2018-10-21, 8:48 p.m.

I drove back up here this morning to go to a CC class in Zentangle. I was kind of surprised that that was a thing they were offering, but I've always been curious about it so what the heck.

It was...odd. I kind of found the teacher odd in ways I can't really explain, or maybe I just think the whole "certified" method of teaching a drawing style is a little weird to do? Also there was some awkwardness when a former instructor came into the room during class (it was being held in the textiles room) and was talking up a storm and the teacher asked her to stop talking during the class and things got really weird and awkward there. I get along with the ex-teacher but have been told by others she can have some issues and I was kinda seeing it that day.

Anyway, Zentangle is...well, they say doodling is just kind of mindless drawing and this is mindful drawing and artwork, and she had a lot of pictures of Zentangle art done on things like cars and woodworking, so that's cool. She taught us about how to draw seven types of doodles (there are many different sorts that people design, found here) and you fill in spaces with your doodles. This is kind of similar to a doodle style I learned in day care decades ago, so I was into that. She also had a notepad of "holographic silver notes" that we got to draw on and everyone LOVED those.

Two of my former students were in this class and I got to talk to one of them afterwards--I finally got to meet her service dog (and learned that this campus is fucking shameful about refusing to deal with service dogs, they should be ashamed of themselves) and ask about her trip to Africa.

After that I went to Walmart and was a good girl and got new windshield wipers that I can't figure out how to put on. I decided to get the 10,000 steps in and ran into the girl from Friday coincidentally (if you wonder about signs, I must be one of hers), hiked part of the arboretum and wandered down a secret tunnel towards another area of town, and then finished off the day by finishing reading "Crazy Rich Asians," finally.

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