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2019-10-21, 9:25 p.m.

I only have so much to say for the last few days, so here's a roundup of short updates.


It was my boss’s last day today. Some parting quotes from her:

“People are people and crazy is crazy.”
“Don’t let anyone freak you out. You get to decide what DEFCON level you’re at.”

After work I went costume shopping in town and then in Vacaville at their thrift store and at the Spirit Halloween. I found a decent short brown haired flapper wig and a top hat for the play, but that was about it. The store I went to here had two flapper dresses, but they were horrible and the fringe was snagging on everything. Why the hell is fringe a thing, anyway?


I spent the morning/early afternoon doing more costume shopping in Sacramento. I found that the bigger Sacramento Goodwill had a huge costume selection, including an entire section of flapper dresses. I basically filled up a shopping cart and then went to the dressing room and saw the “6 items only, no shoplifting” sign and well, disregarded this and wheeled the cart right in there because pruning all that down wasn’t happening and hell with it, nobody was looking. I ended up hating all of the flapper dresses, which were basically sausage casings, itchy with sequins, or had really horribly done snagging fringe. I did find a day dress in purple lace in the regular clothing section that will work instead and go with the purple cloche I got last week and the fringey shawl I already own for my Trelawney costume, so there you go. I bought a boa, which I probably don’t need but what the hell.

Then I went to Party City, where I got a strand of pearls and some flower bracelets (the latter for my own amusement). I also hit the L Street Goodwill, which had great selections, but I ended up not getting anything there. I also needed to do the dreaded shoe shopping and DSW had a 25% off on boots sale, so I dealt with doing that. Whee.

In the afternoon, I went to a party that Laurel was throwing. Of the theater folks, Valentin and I were the only ones that showed for most of it. It was a “block party” so her neighbors were wandering around. She had pumpkin carving going on. Valentin brought props to make a “hipster” pumpkin with sunglasses, a scarf and hat, and a fake “pumpkin spice” Starbucks drink. I ended up carving Venom on one side and a cat on the other, which was dubbed the “bipolar cat.” I also got fairly well drunk off no food and then eating vegetarian food for around three hours, which was amusing until it started to impede my dance skills and then I laid off.

Manny and Heidi (where you guys been?! Manny’s been working a lot, Heidi is playing a stripper in “Gypsy”) came late and well.... let’s just say I was the only one sober soon after their arrival. Valentin also apparently has a lot of stuff in his car like survival gear and an edible bikini, which he pulled out and put on the bottom of (over clothes) while Manny tried on the top and flashed his nipple a few times. I commented that this party had taken quite a turn from when the kids were here.


I went to the Renaissance Faire with Dawn on the last day. I found out on the way over there that she has well, been having a crisis going on for the last few months, and apparently car buying, for various reasons, exacerbated the issues she was already having. I’m the first one she’s told, which is flattering. I think going to the fair helped distract her, so that’s a yay thing there.

There was a new show there about how they were claiming Shakespeare was a pirate that was ... okay. We went to the joust and were amused by the preshow that featured a Lil’ Sebastian horse and people showing off creatures loaned by “Hagrid” that were ah, clearly invisible and on harnesses. As for the joust, the Scottish knight continued to ride around shirtless again, amusing everyone. The French knight spit on people. Broon was awesome as always, I wish I hadn’t been too lazy to write down his quotes because the man is eminently quotable. In his finale show, he had this little girl named Mary who was quite memorable. Reminded me of me, except she was far more self possessed and sassy than I was around age 10.

I just bought jewelry. Chain mail rainbow earrings, pins, and some beads. Dawn got some of that and a butterfly hair clip. Anyway, it was fun.


Today’s meeting with New Temporary Boss (formerly Original 2nd in Command) mostly boiled down to “Everyone really really really needs to work on testing the new computer system immediately.” To which I said yeah, well, I was trying on Friday and I nearly had a crying nervous breakdown and I cannot for the life of me figure out if it doesn’t work or if I’m too stoopid to figure it out. The new system doesn’t work very much at all like the old one and we have no instructions as to deal with the changes, which is why this is a horrible bitch to do. She said she’d help out with that.

I also asked if there was any plan if BigBoss gets the new job she wants, and New Temporary Boss said that while all the candidates are great, she’d rather BigBoss not leave. If/when BigBoss leaves, it’s up to her boss to figure out. I asked if she’d take over and she said if asked, yes, but it’s not really her “thing.”

PG&E announced another power shutoff for Wednesday/Thursday. This area was originally on the list but as of my checking it right now, we are off the list, as is the theater area. Whew, so far.

Still working on my Halloween costume. I finished the front and one arm of the sweater so far.

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