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Wardrobe Issues

2019-10-23, 7:14 a.m.

Scott texted me to invite me to the funeral, Saturday at 11.

I feel better now. Is that weird? Yes.

I told Hannah and she was all “you’re so in!” and I was all “pretty sure he invited other friends too,” but...yeah, I feel “in.” At least Robert, I asked him directly today. I assume Cameron is going but never asked her since she was assistant directing in Anita’s absence and was thus occupied. I assume Laurel/Janene were also invited but who knows there. I realized as I was going up to Robert that it’s super awkward to ask someone if they’ve been invited to something if they haven’t, so I doubt I’ll ask the rest.

I spent time trying to plan my outfit. I want something velvet and I’ve been shopping around for days on end and haven’t found one. I finally found a long black velvet top with an interesting side cut and a tail I had planned on getting rid of but have mixed feelings about, so I think I’ll wear that with my black velvet skirt and maybe some tie dye velvet underneath it since it’s kind of high cut on one side. Though all of this might be a bit hot for a fall funeral (it’s mid 80’s here right now), I feel like my summer funeral dress from TnT has already been seen around and I want something fresh.

As for rehearsal, I’m finishing up the top of my costume for Halloween (just weaving in ends now) and I got my costume for the show. Germaine had a blingy vest and bow tie, I will provide the rest. The vest needs sewing, whenever I find time to do that one. Costume time is fun and a lot of it was spent dressing up the kids. I pointed out that we need to figure out WHAT we are singing on “Carol of the Bells” because apparently there are a lot of different versions of those lyrics.

Quotes from the evening:
* Cameron suggesting we do the Macarena instead of doing “Carol of the Bells.”
* The guy playing Herod rehearsed with his crown on. Good move.
* “This is your moment. Make it big.” -Cameron to Robert
* “Come at me.” -Scott to Cameron during the kiss scene while they make jokes about her flinging herself across the room or whatever.
* “I always like costumes when they show up.” -Cameron
* Cameron and Robert tried to talk me into dancing while the kids were doing choral warmups. I concurred that while I could probably technically dance to anything, “you don’t see people busting it to choral music for a reason.”
* “Sounds like a real school choir!” -Trent after the kids have no clue when Scott is playing a note for her to match. (Alexis is leading the practice, and Scott the former choir dude is assisting.)

I also found out that Jesse is literally selling DVD’s out of his car, as I was able to pick up a DVD of The Viewing Room.

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