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Dull Halloween Bitching

2005-10-31, 2:11 p.m.

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Jess requested that I post an entry about Halloween bitching today. I'm not sure WHY, but all righty...

Halloween here is perpetually lame. You don't catch the students dressing up EVER (I guess they do for the frat parties?), and maybe 3-4 people per office around here do. My office usually has more people dressed up than anyone else, but this year was even smaller than usual. The funkiest costume I saw (not in my office) was a lady from The Birds. She was a hoot. But everyone else was pretty average, or had a costume in which they were clearly looking for an excuse to mostly look normal.

I guess this year I fell into that category. I have on my Daria outfit, which I am quite proud of. So far two people have figured out who I am, which is probably still better odds than the other outfit I wanted to wear. I'm adoring the boots, but as per usual every time I wear new shoes for longer than 5 minutes, my feet are blistering and whining. (You'd think after ten years of ballet, they'd learn to get calluses? Nope.)

But the sad thing? The lady that gave me the boots isn't even here today to see the costume. Man. And photographing myself is a bitch, so I can't even get a shot of myself in them to her. (I asked a few people to take shots of me in the outfit. They insisted on going from waist-up.)

I will say that the food spread today has been really, really good though. I don't think I've been this full in quite awhile. Yummy. Plus I have a little stash of candy now.

But still, I wish there was something to bloody do for the holiday here that didn't involve watching Jack Nicholson go batshit in an inn. Or at the very least, that people would WEAR SOME FREAKING COSTUMES IN PUBLIC.

My Halloween plans? I will be going to the gym. Whee. Nothing like same old, same old on the holidays! At least Kingdom of Loathing goes all out for the day.

In other news, today is Auction Day and I have managed to get most of my stuff that's done up today. That's thanks to the idjits living above me that were having squeaky bed sex at 5 a.m. (There's nothing like the people upstairs being noisy enough that you need earplugs to sleep, but you CAN'T use earplugs because you need to hear the alarm going off in a few hours.) Given that NaNoWriMo starts at midnight and I was planning on NOT getting much sleep tonight, it ticks me off that getting my sleep the night before went out the window thanks to Squeaky Bed Sex People. Some days I think I should get up at the crack of dawn and blast the TV as loud as it can go just to get even...except obviously they are already up.

Tomorrow is my dad's birthday, and it's just a little eerie that my dad's birthday is on the Day of the Dead, don't ya think? Especially this year, when he's in such bad shape that we literally can't get him gifts this year. He can't do anything, we can't even bring movies for him to watch, etc. Mom insisted on buying him a portable DVD player, but I'm not too sure how that's going to work considering things can't go on his lap, he can't exactly see or hear very well, etc. She had to try something, though.

It feels weird to not be sweating it trying to get him gifts this year, but even Mom has had to admit it's not really a goer any more. She didn't know what to tell the PITAS when they called up wanting to know what to get him.

She's going to spend all day long at the hospital with him tomorrow, and hopefully she'll be over the effects of the flu shot. I hope it doesn't suck too badly for her.

As for the birthday, I won't be doing anything. Just writing for NaNo.

Exciting, huh?

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