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Rainbow Hippie Santa

2019-11-14, 6:22 p.m.

Sarah replied the next morning saying that the photos made her morning. I sent Robert the Santa pics after work and he said “Ahahaha! Brilliant!” and “Break a leg ho ho ho!”

Cameron was back today (still not in top condition but at least she had on a nice stylin’ outfit she knew I’d like, sweet rainbow scarf and stripey socks with black and white dress), so Scott went back to his usual behavior, ‘nuff said to that.

I attempted to teach Alexis how to knit and Gail to crochet, which was not their best fun ever. Gail pointed out that she would have a hard time concentrating on the crochet and her lines at the same time, good point, so I said to talk to Anita. Eventually it was decided that both of them should just somehow “look busy” and Gail would just like, hold yarn or something. Cameron and I find it ironic that we both knit and can’t do it in the show.

Cameron noted that people from Maine not being called “Mainiacs” is “missing a trick.”

Sadly, I don’t think we are doing a parade float this year (I guess they did last year but no interest this year other than me), but I think it would have been crazy cool with our outfits. Germaine: “Santa and Jesus and the Statue of Liberty, everyone’s going to be all, what? I can’t figure it out myself.”

I found out that William’s ah, police issues from last year did not have to do with his costume. He did not specify.

“We can hear you onstage.” -Drew to the kids
“Shut the door!” -William

“I don’t know what this note is.”
“Typical director scribble.”
“Let’s skip it.” -Anita and Trent.

“The scenes between you and Miss Glace were very nice.” -Anita
“Very realistic.” -Bridget
(Me: ..... )
“We either play siblings or...” -Cameron

“Love tech week. Favorite week. Tech week is when we add all the tech.” -Bianca

“We’ll let you go.” -Anita
“Don’t let them go. Torture them for another hour.” -William on the “Jeanette, Isabella” song.

“You’re just too pretty for this world.” -Cameron to William

Okay, so after doing my usual bits, I got dressed in the rainbow Santa outfit, showed it to William and Bridget (who loved it) in the green room, and otherwise lurked about until it was time to go on. The kids either utterly ignored it or were confused, basically. But I got a huuuuuuuuuuuuge laugh from Scott (of course) and Anita when I entered. No, it’s not historically accurate, but go get your pics anyway. It was as ridiculous as planned on my end! Later I guess Scott hadn’t figured out what “rainbow beard” meant and now that he clued in, he was all, “Robert, you sonofabitch.” I passed this on to Robert later. (Though really, after a while, wasn't it all me? Hello?)

I found out at the end of rehearsal that Cameron won’t be there on Sunday. I was all, I’m doing your part again? and she was all, “I want William to do it and to kiss Scott.” Scott: “Oh God.” We all made jokes and mentioned breaking out the camera for that one.

So...I’m happy the gag went off, I sent the photos to Jackie and she said I had another Halloween costume, and otherwise things are...back to normal with you-know-who. Sigh.

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