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A Calm Holiday Weekend

2011-11-27, 10:50 p.m.

Actually, the weekend went okay for once. Seriously, Mom didn't have the usual crazy-ass Thanksgiving meltdown At All this year. Good behavior! Who woulda thought? My shrink will be so pleased.

Thursday: It was raining on Thanksgiving. Pretty much all day. So yeah, I can't say I particularly enjoyed the Turkey Trot too much. Maybe if it had been drier. The walkway (through various rich yuppie neighborhoods or something) was quite pretty, I will say that. But all things considered, this would not be something I'd want to do all the time. At least not on a crap weather day. So while everyone else "had fun," I just...kinda went along with it. I didn't get to sleep in or sleep well that morning (or for most of the days off until Sunday, actually, so I was kind of out of it.)

Other than that: came home, watched the usual parade stuff via TiVo (dear god, why is Sister Act filled with so much sequined bling? And the Whoopi Goldberg character is like, 20 years old and thin?) and the dog show (none of my favorites even placed, darn it). Watched my cousins do a "Just Dance" Wii game that I want to try, but after the dogs ran in and broke a glass and stuff started falling off the walls, they gave up. I finished the sweater I was making. We discussed the local news, which as I previously mentioned, I am not mentioning here due to covering my ass. Two of my cousins went to a midnight Black Friday sale (ugh) and said they got a bunch of clothes for $10, but otherwise it was not a particularly enjoyable experience. Things were okay.

I also had a horrific moment of freakout with my laptop, which of late has developed a weird problem where if you bumped the right hand side of it, it would turn itself off. Since I was trying to use my laptop while on a giant couch without a coffee table, I kept accidentally whacking it off (har), and at one point it just would not turn back on again. I freaked the hell out, but quietly, since the laptop is exactly 3 years old as of three Black Fridays ago and IT'S NOT ITS TIME TO GO YET! But what could I do about it on Thanksgiving? Nothing much. And yet, when I turned it on the next day, it turned on with no problems...until I plugged in my mouse on the left hand side rather than the right (the mousepad keys are awful sticky on my laptop and I try to avoid them by using a mouse), and the power blew out immediately. And there you go, THAT was the culprit. Without that mouse, the laptop has worked fine since. No worries. Whew.

The reason why Mom didn't have some breakdown for the rest of the three days was that at one point she started crying on Aunt Susie about being lonely and my aunt pretty much attempted a "There, there" moment (honestly, I don't think that comes naturally to her to do that) on her. Somehow this made Mom All Better and she didn't spend the rest of the weekend griping about how neglected she felt. Go figure.

Friday: went up to Grass Valley for the fairgrounds fair. I actually...probably for the first time ever... did not buy anything at this craft fair. I was debating buying an apron with a giant pocket-- actually, I might still go back for that-- and buying more alpaca roving. Except they were selling a giant bolt of it for $40, and I already have a stash of spinning material I haven't gotten to this fall, so I managed to restrain myself. The only thing I bought all day was a ring my mom wanted for Christmas at a store downtown. Really weird.

We got back to my apartment around 11 that night. I haven't mentioned that one of my smoke alarm batteries keeled over and died last week, so there have been some Fun Beeping Issues going on at home. I took out the battery, but little did I know because those batteries have lasted forever and I had zero recollection of how these things worked, they will STILL beep....every time your heater goes on, every minute for at least a half hour. So I came home at 11 p.m., with the one battery I had procured via Mom driving my ass to the store to get it, and we fumbled around trying to install it. We made the damn thing beep and shriek a LOT. And when it was installed correctly...guess what, BEEPING WAS STILL GOING ON because heat was on...from the OTHER smoke alarm now, so we had to roll out at midnight for another fucking battery. Let's just say it's a good thing the neighbors weren't home. Yeah, I might be annoyed with the upstairs neighbors flooding my place, but nobody (including the people next door who didn't do anything) needs to hear repeated shrieking smoke alarms at midnight when there's no fire. I think I was just lucky that nobody called the cops or apartment management on me.

Saturday: of course, then we went to the Harvest Festival and I spent a bunch of money anyway, because restraint only goes so fucking far with me. Some of it was stuff for Mom, though, as we just give up and buy things in front of each other now.

Mom kept asking if I wanted to drive, and wouldn't I give her another chance? I said no, she BLEW her chance spectacularly and I am not repeating the screaming again.

Sunday..honestly, I didn't sleep for crap for most of the weekend (have I lost the ability to sleep with someone else in a bed? I kept wanting to roll over and then I couldn't figure out where to put my arm because Mom was there), so that was the day I slept in and lounged around in bed knitting until it was time to leave.

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