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Drama-Free Thanksgiving

2013-12-01, 4:34 p.m.

Hi, Holidailies. I am writing this while sick--oh joy, sick on a day off. I woke up in the middle of the night nauseous, suddenly puked outta nowhere all over my electric blankets, and then spent the next couple of hours attempting to clean everything up. Adulthood is fun. On the good news side, I haven't quite puked again yet (not eating helps), so huzzah. On the other hand, I feel like I have some kind of fever in my back and I am wasting the last beautiful day of winter flat on my back in bed...okay, right now I'm sitting up with an ice pack on the couch, but we'll see how long that lasts. Mostly I am just all, "this couldn't have happened tomorrow?" Though given how ucky I feel when it's hard to sit up, I think I may end up calling in sick tomorrow anyway.

Other than today, the Thanksgiving weekend was lovely. Mom actually did NOT throw her usual fit the day after Thanksgiving, which is astonishing. i asked her what the difference was this year and she essentially said that she wasn't kicked out of the kitchen. This was because Thanksgiving was held at my cousin Alicia's new huge spiffy house, and most of the relatives were spending the day on the couch and/or playing with the baby, leaving her husband Travis to do most of the work. He was perfectly happy to have Mom help and she didn't drive him nuts, so it was all good. The meal was delicious and the baby is cute and more interesting than he was shortly after birth, though he was also in a "clinging to Mom" stage so I didn't really get near him for fear of freaking him out. The kid is cute, he could be a baby model or something. We also did another Turkey Trot at the family's insistence....but this year the weather was warm and sunny, so it was actually a nice activity to do.

The next day we went to Grass Valley and the usual fairgrounds craft fair...and hardly bought anything. I didn't buy anything and Mom just got some ornaments. It was really weird. I 'mean, sure, it means we were being "good girls" and didn't buy anything, and I've gone there enough times to have bought everything I'd probably get, seems kinda pointless to go and not get anything too. We actually finished up early there and had a couple of hours before Cornish Christmas was about to start. I said we should just go to downtown Grass Valley early and Mom was all, "we should go to Nevada City because we won't get back up here again" and I was all, "wait, what, didn't we agree to go up there in a couple of weekends?" I gather she is baling. So okay, fine, we went over there and I hit a few stores and talked to my circumstantial friend up there about returning after Christmas....but by the time we got back to Grass Valley, there was literally no parking in the entire town. So we gave up on going to that.

Yesterday I took Mom to the Farmer's Market, then to a restaurant, then she wanted to go to Best Buy to get a charger for her new iPhone. (Yup, even she now has one.) Then we saw Frozen, which was awesome and I may try to get back to writing a review of it here if and when I feel better. After that, we had dinner and she went home early...which in retrospect I so wish she hadn't done. But oh well. We are getting along spectacularly these days, go figure.

I really should elaborate more on this stuff, but like I said, I kinda feel shitty and I fear my ability to stay upright is running out. Anyway, major things of import that have gone on since you last saw me:
(a) I am going to Hawaii (Kauai specifically) for a few days this month, which should make for some interesting entries. Plus I am taking two+ weeks off from work before and after, huzzah.
(b) My friend L got a job in Annapolis and did not want to take her car across the country, so I bought it. So I now have a car, and that is going well.
(c) Work sucks. I should probably not elaborate for reasons of possible doocing, but the last two weeks have been sucktastic and drama is exploding everywhere. Sigh. I cannot wait to be out of there in 2 weeks.
(d) This year's NaNoWriMo was my best year ever--I hit 50k before the halfway mark and finished out at 82k. Go me!
(e) I am debating adopting a cat after the holidays, but realistically speaking I'll probably flake out on that too.

And I'm gonna wind this up now before I pass out again or something.

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