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Household Overload

2004-12-04, 9:49 p.m.

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Well, I already missed the "10 words a day" thing as of yesterday- got home late from the CC, showered, and went to bed and forgot it all. Yay. Go me.

Speaking of forgetting, Heather was supposed to get the cats spayed and neutered today. She had alarms going off starting at 7:15 and I called her three times. Since the cats are all here and looking uninjured, I can figure out how well that worked. I figured this would happen, though. When she told me the place in Auburn would do it for cheap, but she'd have to start driving around 8 a.m....yeah, RIGHT, that'll happen. Heather could be on fire and not notice at 8 a.m., unfortunately.
I think we are going to have to have some kind of talk about where to get this done. Even if this place is a billion times cheaper than locally, if she can't GET THERE to get it done, this isn't going to work out and we'll just have incest kittens.

I think I've mentioned before that there's another girl from my office in my knitting class, but she works on the other floor. Well, she told me today during class she heard that the university is closing down almost every office on campus this year, including ours, instead of leaving them open on the non-holiday days. Which on the one hand is great and sensible news (I'm sorry, but why on earth are you going to campus on December 28 to do your financial crap? WHY? Go get drunk and party, people.), but on the other hand, thanks to union negotiations going as crappily as they usually do, we the lowly people who use the computers will NOT be getting free days off. We will HAVE to use mandatory vacation time. Which ticks me off, and especially sucks for her since she's only acquired 2 days off since she started working here. Besides, here I was getting up hopes that I wouldn't HAVE to be with my family the entire week and a half, and wanted to use those days to maybe attempt to go to that wedding. What I need is time to spend at my place away from family and work, but can't do that without everyone being traumatized and neglected, can I.

In other weird work randomness, I was all freaked out about having checks bounce this month, but...surprisingly, I have much money in the account today. Checks all must have cleared by now, right? So how did this happen? I'm afraid to ask. I do not have the energy to stay on top of EVERY SINGLE TINY LITTLE THING any more. Including the DSL being down, the repairs that still need to be done around here, late bills still showing up in the mail... I can't even keep track any more. I am overwhelmed. And the kitchen is a mess- I can't cook without dishes, can't use the dishes until they're washed, can't FIND the dishwashing equipment, or utensils, or jack shit. Heather somehow managed to make pumpkin bread over the weekend, and all I can ask is, HOW?! I don't even have anywhere to just take things out of boxes beyond the floor, which the Mad Shitter Kitten is making especially unpleasant.

ARGGGGGGGGGGH. I am overwhelmed. This is way beyond what I can handle all by myself in my rare spare time.

The one cheering thing today was knitting class. Which I'd been sweating over for two weeks because we were supposed to be attaching the sleeves and middle today, and I don't even have the middle done yet after all of my hard work. But nobody else, including the teacher, was done with the sleeves and middle both either! Whew. We had a good time yakking about randomness, and then I went downstairs and yakked some more with people. Actually, I was in a good mood when I got home, until I realized I was hungry, running low on microwaveable foodstuffs, and well, the kitchen is heinous. Blech.

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