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More Present Shopping

2004-12-03, 10:37 p.m.

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I mostly went present shopping today. As per my usual, for every gift I got someone else, I ended up getting myself 2-3 things. Jesus.

(a) Got Jackie's main present, am now done shopping for her. Which is good because supposedly she's coming through town for a present swap next weekend.
(b) Picked up some jewel cases so I can do some holiday mixes as gifts.
(c) Went to my career counselor's jewelry show and got a pair of vintage Swarovski pagoda crystal earrings, for me. (Man, I wish I had people to shop for that liked the same stuff I do.)
(d) Bought the cheapest gift wrap, ribbon, tags, tissue paper, etc. that I could find.
(e) Also bought The Little Book of Christmas Stress and Dysfunctional Family Holiday Christmas Carols (also a book). I bought the carols for me since I love crazy Christmas music, and I will say the songs in the book are well written. I'm just not sure what to *do* with them since I'm a suckass singer. I wish someone would do recordings of these because they are vicious. As for TLBOCS, I was thinking of using it as a stocking stuffer for Mom, but upon reading it later, it just doesn't seem appropriate. I may actually go take these things back, and I never take stuff back. Plus, well, I'm annoyed at myself for spending double what I intended to when buying those books. I may just write down the good bits and quote them later. At least when I hit the not-as-good used bookstore on the way home, I didn't buy anything.
And when I got home, I wrapped some gifts, so some things are done. I'm pretty proud of myself for that.

It seems like everyone's making with the holiday bitterness already. People that aren't me are also having parental fun. Maybe we need some kind of share-in-the-bitter support group around here?

Yeah, I don't have too much to say today for a daily entry, do I?

I will leave you with this moment: I was checking my phone messages from when the phone was missing, and Jess left me this one where in the middle of talking normally, she starts screaming swear words at the dog, then apologizes for screaming at me on the phone when she meant the dog, then talks about her Tourette's moment. Heh heh heh.

Tomorrow should be more interesting, albeit a bit late in posting entries on time. Stained glass class and the last NaNo party. At least I finally thought of a manageable potluck item- I have a ton of kettle corn left from Wednesday night potluck, so I don't have to figure out how to cook something. Yay.

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