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Mail Frustration

2003-12-03, 10:45 p.m.

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"Wednesday blows. Monday, for all its problems, at least offers the prospect of a fresh start; and Friday we love, of course. But Wednesday? Vile. Squatting between what you hoped to have accomplished by now and what you might eke out if you haul ass for the rest of the week, Wednesday points to where you come up short. It's a captious narc of a day. Wednesday, you suck."
-Lily Burana.

I was going to write an entry on holiday music, but I heard there might be a holiday music collab going on, so I think I'll end up waiting to post that one for that.

Instead, it'll be current events today.

I did get everyone's stuff mailed out today, so that was a big happy. Though I found out that the post office is going to close after next week, so I guess that means no more auctions for me till January, and I'll have to speed up in a hurry on sending out the last few winners. Heather offered to go to the post office for me after classes were over, but given her sleeping issues I'd rather not count on that (see below). This is frustrating since I'm SUPPOSED to be getting new beads in (again, see below) and I saw some jewelry the other night that gave me ideas, but what else can I do if I can't get to the post office in East Bumfuck before 5 p.m.?

Incidentally, I checked the school ATM again and the signup sheet from yesterday was gone, replaced by a note saying "Out of order- the English key doesn't work." I think that was student-made too. Ahem.

I also went to go pick up packaging materials, and while I was in the store (there are several stores on campus, one of which is kind of a stationary/magazine/medicine/packaging supply center), I found a bunch of these things. If you can, try to read the packaging on all of them. I was cracking up, and only wish I knew of people who I could send these things too without them getting mad. (Oh, the joy I would have sending some of these to my auntie Dolores...)

Here's some of the captions I saw:

Goddess: "New Formula Now Remmoves Ring Around The Halo", "Divine Body Moisturizer," "Tiara Stain Remover."

Ultra Slut: "Now in a Convenient One Night Stand Travel Size."

PMS: "New Formula Now Eliminates Ranting And Raving," "Now Softens Your Emotional Outbursts! "Scrubs Away Mood Swings," "Anti-Bloating."

Bitch: "PMS Neutralizer," "Now Eliminates Friends and Family!," "Eliminates Dryness and Mean Streaks!", "Extra Abrasive Soap."

Stud: "New Macho Formula!"

Sexy Mama: "Now With Cleavage Activator!" (Also "Cleavage Enhancer" and "Cleavage Moisturizer.")

Hottie: "Super Betty Activator," "Ugly People Repellent," "Super Hottie Flame Retardant."

Diva: "High Maintenance Formula," "Prima Donna Formula," "Ego Moisturizing Formula," "Super Sensitive Soap."

Funny, huh? I love advertising stuff like this, but usually it's fake, and this was real!

Back to the subject of shipping, I came home to find out some really annoying news.

Waaaay back on November 19th, ahem, I ordered this laptop Christmas tree. They said they were going to send me a tracking number when they shipped it, but they didn't, I heard nothing, I was wondering if I was even going to get it.

Likewise, I ordered beads from Fire Mountain a few weeks ago, and they somehow managed to mail it to LOUISIANA. The hell? So that's being slowly rerouted, and it was supposed to show up today.

I come home, go to check the mail, and no packages. I come in the house and find Heather in her pajamas because she slept all day... but when she got up, she found a UPS slip. Apparently they tried to deliver (at least) the tree two days in a row and she slept through it. I didn't even GET a slip the first time! And now they're on to "final attempt" before they ship the package somewhere I can't get to without a car. And it MUST be signed for, and no, I am not allowed to indicate that they can leave it on the porch or that it not be signed for.

I tried calling UPS, but their phone number was nothing but a recorded message saying "check our web site!" Which I did, but it wasn't a help. Oh, and the beads that were supposed to be delivered today? Also apparently has to be signed for.

Seriously, why the hell do some companies insist you be there in person (during the middle of the day, when PRACTICALLY NO ONE IS HOME) to sign for stuff? A charger or a laptop is one thing, but for a $10 item?! They don't even give you an option for them to put down that you don't have to be home to sign for it. Whatever happened to putting it in the complex package box?!

So I get to cut work, AGAIN, to wait at home all day for these packages. For the second week in a row. Let's hope they are delivered together, because Thursday is the last day I can cut work for most of the next few weeks. At least three hours of training a day starting on Friday *shudder*.

I hate having to waste a vacation day on this, but it was very obvious around the office that I was the only one NOT sick of late.

And I got notice that another company just shipped me a picture I bought a few weeks ago. I devoutly hope I don't have to skip work to pick that up too.

No wonder I'd rather buy stuff in person whenever possible. This is such a headache.

There is some surprisingly good news about Dave: not only does he have the interview tomorrow, but he got a call for another one (unscheduled so far). Oddly enough, he seems to think he'll get the one tomorrow- I guess they told him it'd be a short interview, which confuses the hell out of me. But he says he wants the other job because it pays more. This also confuses me, but...whatever. We'll see. And he hopefully will make it to the financial aid office too. He went to the doctor today and is on the mend, though still doesn't get medical clearance for the dentist for at least another month, ugh.

Kind of a followup to yesterday's entry...

On chat today, there was a conversation about withdrawing from people: when you're stressed, when life is kicking your ass, when you're sick, or whatever. One person on chat had a friend who apparently told her she had a problem with that and was hurt. While that had to have been painful, I have to say I was impressed that the friend cared to say anything about it. I've withdrawn from well, a fair number of people over the years, but I think mainly I've just withdrawn to some extent because our lives were diverging and somewhat because I knew they wouldn't care if I drifted off or not. This has almost always turned out to be true. And so far, there's been one person who wanted to really try and get back together...and that didn't go well.

I am impressed at anyone who has tried and succeeded to come back from that. I've never been able to figure out how. After awhile it seems like there's no overlap in our lives in order to fit in with each other. It just feels wrong to try again, you know?

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