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2006-12-04, 10:00 a.m.

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Huh. There are prompts up here. I suppose I shall do a few, since I am going to the gym tonight (haven't done that in awhile- thanks, NaNoWriMo!) and by the time I get home it'll be skirting the end of today's deadline.

And at any rate, the only news I have for today is that I have been doing the campus walking program (they give you a pedometer, you send in your steps every week, blah blah). Since I don't have a car, walk around a lot, and they seem to give you extra bonus points for taking gym classes, I've already hit the first two "incentive" points a long time ago, before they actually decided what you'd GET for it.

Well, they finally decided on the first one. They attempted to send me pictures in e-mail, which of course practically broke my e-mail program and didn't open. And of course, they don't have it actually in yet.

It is..."an Aquaclip...the greatest invention ever!"

Uh, what?

How's about, it's the cheapest invention ever? "OMG, SO HARD TO HOLD MY WATER ALL BY MYSELF!" Good lord, that is just...mind-bogglingly lame. What do I get for the next incentive, a used Kleenex? A $3 Starbucks coupon? A condom?

Anyway...moving on:

2006-12-01: "Introduce yourself and your website to Holidailies readers." by Jette.

Eh, I am not really into doing such entries, especially since I've done this for a few years now and figure I've been seen around. I did, however, update the cast and about pages and forget to mention it. So, now you know.

2006-12-02: "Appreciating the smallest things" by The Visible Woman.

Um... I suppose I should be appreciating that Aquaclip, but let's not. I suppose it's better to get something rather than I had assumed the Aquaclip was some kind of nose plug, and what it is is probably better than THAT.

# 2006-12-03: "Sunny or snowy: Which makes for the better holiday season, and why?" by The Write Coast.

As a native Californian who's never seen a "white Christmas" in her life and isn't planning on experiencing such ever, I'm obviously biased towards the sunny side. The closest I've ever gotten is Tahoe in March, where people were wandering around in shorts in the snow because Californians are really stupid about cold weather. (I will never understand the idiots who look outside, see pouring rain, and think, "I'll wear flip-flops and shorts today!") Occasionally my parents would vaguely ponder going to Montana for Christmas and I'd freak out and hope they wouldn't- happily for me, they never did.

Yeah, "white Christmas" sounds pretty, but given my lack of cold tolerance, I doubt I'd enjoy it. Hell, layering alone drives me up the wall. Sure, it sounds great to say, "If you're cold, put on a sweater, that's what they're for!", or alternately, "It's easier to put clothes on than to take them off!" In a way, it's hard to argue with this logic.
On the other hand, you can hit the point where you pile on enough clothes to look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man and you can't fit any more on, and what happens then if you're STILL cold?

Or alternately, which is more of a problem for me, where the hell do you stash those clothes when you're constantly taking them off and putting them back on? I hate that it's 30 degrees when I leave the house in the morning and I pile on the clothes, then in the afternoon I'm shedding so many layers that I fill up my damn backpack with clothes, and by 5 p.m. I have to pile them all back on again. When I went out to the last craft fair the other day, the temperature inside must have been something like 90 degrees, so I had to shove my big old heavy warm coat into the backpack and tie the sweatshirt around my waist and roll up my sleeves. I probably ended up smacking people with the backpack a bunch of times, but carrying all those clothes in my arms for hours would just give me aching arms. And unfortunately I had to pile them all back on again by the time I left.

I just want some consistency, dammit, and at least in the summer you know it'll STAY hot.

# 2006-12-04: "Holiday music: essential part of the season, or 'no way, it makes my ears bleed'?" by work in progress ....

Hm...well, I've written about about holiday music a lot for Holidailies in the past before, so I probably shouldn't go cover that territory again. In a way I'd lean towards "essential," but on the other hand, I do feel like playing the same old songs by a bunch of different people, over and over again, gets really goddamned old to the point of it becoming Muzak.

Hence why every year I scrounge around for songs that say something different, or at least amuse the hell out of me.

# 2006-12-05: "Tell us your favorite shopping-mall horror story." by Jette.

Ironically, given how much time I've spent in malls, I don't actually HAVE a mall horror story. Maybe that's because I don't go shopping at the crack of dawn on Black Friday, but by the time I make it to the mall (i.e. nightfall), things are calm and mellow. Go figure.

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