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More UPS Hate

2003-12-05, 5:58 p.m.

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This is early for Holidailies posting, because I already put one up around midnight Texas time, but oh well, this is when I've got the time and I'm feeling bitchy again.

Today's UPS saga: they did have someone come out to Dave's house with the packages.

I'll have to draw you a picture of his house: fenced-in yard with a dog inside it (who doesn't hurt anyone, but unfortunately did take up barking at the neighbor kids), mailbox at the far edge of the fence. There's gates right next to the mailbox and farther in next to the driveway, which goes along the entire yard up to the house.

The UPS guy stood at the mailbox and yelled for someone. Didn't go in the yard, didn't go closer to the door where he still would have been fenced in... just yelled. Naturally, nobody heard him.

Strike three, and I'm out of luck. Again.

Supposedly he left a note saying he'd be by tomorrow (UPS? On a Saturday? After my three strikes are up? I find this hard to believe). They've currently got friends who are staying with them right now in a trailer in the driveway (long story), and one of them said she'd leave a note on the mailbox for him to go to the trailer door and knock tomorrow.

I don't think I am EVER going to get this stuff. I spent how much money on it all and I can't get it? Guess I can't get packages by mailing them to Dave's house either. I guess I either get nothing or send it to my mother and have to make more frequent trips home.


I'd call again and rip them a new one, but what's there to do at this point? The phone people can't make the goddamned morons who drive the trucks have any more brain cells.

Fuck, I was looking forward to finally getting my stuff tonight. Hah. Shows me I shouldnt be hopeful.

I went back to work today and I think my boss thought I'd been sick yesterday the way everyone else has been- I am the only one in our area not badly sick, ironically. My guy coworker went home sick at 8:30 a.m., he just came in to fill me in on the signups for training. Much to my relief, it turns out we are not all training for three hours a day and all day long on one day in the next few weeks the way the original schedule made it appear. One three-hour session per week. I managed to get the shifts I'd wanted (morning ones so I can get a full lunch), even though when I first came in for signups they hadn't had enough slots for everyone. The hell? Fortunately the other one left off had more seniority than I, so Arrangements Were Made.

Though a bit of good news in the jewelry world- Kethrai got the jewelry from me today (after I mailed it Wednesday? *faint*) and is quite thrilled. She modeled this one and this one together. Yes, she's bare-chested to match the pointy mermaid tits, but since my mother might someday wonder about the full photo, you get the edited one. Sorry, boys!

She also sent me some links for better supplies, though once again, I'll have to investigate the Eternal Shipping Problem before I order.

I also got in the mail this necklace, which is even more gorgeous and delicate in person. Wowee. I didn't even realize how cool it was :)

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