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2019-12-07, 7:35 a.m.

(Note: this is covering the events of Friday night, 12/6/19)

On Friday night, I had no show or rehearsal, as we were told that PG&E had rented the building long in advance. This left me with a free evening to go to the Craft Center’s quarter ending party, which I haven’t even been in since the summer. I took the quarter off to be in the play and have been debating whether or not to quit altogether. It’s hard being out one night a week on a regular basis for rehearsals (especially when directors aren’t always consistent on when they have them) and even if I just teach, they want to book me six months in advance, which I am gonna have a problem with if I want to do other shows. If rehearsals stayed consistent, maybe it’d be doable, but they don’t always and it’s hard to say. I don’t want to quit the place, but timewise I don’t feel like I can commit any more on their schedule either.

I was planning on going in there to have a heart to heart with the head manager, but I didn’t end up doing that because the party was in full swing with tons of food and tons of people I didn’t know and hadn’t met, though a few of my friends came in later. I ended up meeting and chatting with new people, so that was fun, and I got a cool ring for a dollar. I also grabbed the free volunteer merch even though I didn’t volunteer (they always have extras and still had plenty by the time I left, so I feel no guilt) and this quarter’s logo said “Which Craft “and featured a hand like you’d see in palmistry, labeled with different crafts. I had to get it.

I was planning on cleaning out my various lockers, but instead signed up to renew them, and even my volunteer locker hadn’t been cleared out. So I just...acted like I am going to come back. I don’t know if I will or not. I don’t want to quit the place, but the time commitment plus acting is an issue. But then again, I doubt I’ll be in a play at all in winter, so... well, I may just sign up at the last minute. I can still change my mind, even though my heart feels mostly out the door on this topic. Sigh. I’m not sure why since I doubt I’ll be booked this winter and even if I get in a 10 minute play, I would guess the rehearsal schedule might be lighter than usual if it’s 10 minutes and 2 to 4 people or whatever.

I did actually see a few audition notices today. One audition is at the theater that I auditioned for The Outsider at (different director though) and it sounds interesting, some show in which people switch characters and play various romantic couples. However, it’s at six on the last afternoon we do the show, so I don’t know if I could make it or not. If nobody wants to hang out afterwards/go out to dinner, I think I’ll go, but if people want to hang out afterwards, I’ll skip it since that would be my priority rather than trying to get into a show I most likely won’t get into. I’ll play it by ear.

I saw a few other auditions I don’t feel too strongly about but I might consider just to keep myself busy and distracted in the next few weeks once I feel all bereft from having no play to go to.

And I saw the listing for the 10 minute play festival. They actually put the listed roles and brief requests as to what they were. My favorite from the description alone was “Astronauts in Love,” which would be my first choice for obvious reasons, followed by the one in which a cat and a dog go on a date. The rest of them, eh, maybe not so much with their female roles.... I have fairly low expectations on this one but will give it a shot. I need to talk with my friends as to what night they will be going on in a few weeks.

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