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Advent Calendar Binge

2009-12-11, 8:19 a.m.

So, advent calendars! Neat, huh?

I've probably said in here years ago that my mom stuffed an advent calendar for me every year, to a ridiculous degree. Now that I've moved out, it's a little harder to keep the tradition up, but I make attempts.

Last year I crocheted a string of fake Christmas lights that could hold little messages in them, and handed them over to Mom and Mauricio to write messages in. This year they weren't around to do that, and I ah, didn't exactly get on the stick to do that before Christmas myself. But even then, it's kind of lame to stuff your own advent calendar. However, when going through stuff, I found this box of fortunes (as in cookie) that I'd gotten from a friend, so I stuffed the pockets with fortunes this year, not looking at them ahead of time.

The lame thing with me is that I love advent calendars, but these days I don't remember to look every single day. So I end up having binge days for this sort of thing.

Speaking of binging on advent calendars, every year on my silly links blog I add the links of online advent calendars that I can find that year. I'm happy to see some folks return year after year, and get sad when some people didn't do one this year. (Man, I miss Occasionally I find a new one I haven't seen before, and that's exciting.

So, for anyone who's bored, here's some advent calendars that you can binge on:

* Woodlands Junior.
* Tate and the Calico Cat. Continuous story.
* Rooney Design. Fun animation.
* Electric December. Binge on this one when you've got LOTS of free time to watch video. They get nifty.
* Yule in Iceland.
* North Pole UK.
* Dionaea's Calendar.
* Grant's Advent Calendar. Video.
* X-Entertainment.
* Santa's Advent Calendar.
* Boowa and Kwala's Calendar.
* Doctor Who Adventure Calendar.
* Nunu Advent Calendar of Stuff She Likes To Chew. Okay, Jorge Garcia is weird, but I gotta give points for this being something I haven't seen before.

And finally...

Build Your Own Advent Calendar (and another one here.). I actually did my own this year, featuring whatever Christmas pictures I have online. I've always wished I had the ability to program my own calendar, and this is as good as it gets for a programming noob.

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