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2013-12-12, 9:59 p.m.

I hate how this looks like Twitter.

I SAW A FREAKING SNOWMAN IN TOWN TODAY. Yes, really. I was walking by the school district offices and there was a snowman. I was on the other side of the street and crossed over to check what the heck this was MADE out of, because it couldn't possibly be real snow, could it?

Nope. It was made of actual snow. Very, very dirty snow, mind you, but snow. I can only assume someone drove some snow down here to make this!

No, I haven't gotten to uploading pictures tonight--I had other things that needed to be done. Maybe later this weekend?

My coworker had a burst hot water pipe and a basement flooding yesterday. She has my sympathies.

A note to my coworkers who keep on bitching about how c-c-c-cooooooooold it is in here: Are you wearing multiple sweaters? Have you put your hat, scarf, and coat back on? No, I see that you are not wearing those things. In fact, some of you are still in one layer. If this is the case, it is not that cold. Also, go back outside for a refresher on real cold weather (though it is finally improving).

I dreamed last night that I ate 2.5 pot cookies unknowingly--I swear, they didn't really smell like pot!-- and then proceeded to have a freaked out, unhappy trip about it. Ugh. If that's what it's like, no wonder I stay sober. And will never try pot baked goods.

I love it when the crazy art goes up on campus. The floating art project is finally up--though now it is just floating around on a wooden board, no metal structure is involved-- and now there's nearly 40 eco-friendly, landfill-recycling birdhouses decorating the campus. Like Pokemon, I have been running around trying to photograph them all. I also spotted the bathtub mentioned here today. I'll see when I can get to uploading all the pics there too--probably the weekend.

Should I see the latest Hobbit movie or not?

I was going to explain why this was a debate and then realized that I I already did last year. Except this year L is gone and I no longer have any LOTR-obsessive friends around--though I suspect Jamie might be one and it hasn't come up in conversation yet. At this point I would probably declare myself "off the hook" for a proper theater viewing/unrelieved butt-numb-a-thon, and I would probably skip it if it was a case of seeing it on my own and/or wait until it's on Netflix so I can pause it. looks like they actually started making up their own far more interesting plot for this one. Which might make it worth seeing for three hours? I don't know....

I will probably end up seeing Saving Mr. Banks at some point with my mom, though, since we're all Disneyholics and god knows we need some entertainment around here.

It's Hard To Be A Cat At Christmas. It's a video. You will like it.

Grinch Week: I cannot stand "It's a Wonderful Life". Now it's your turn. What beloved holiday movie / TV show /play just leaves you cold?

I actually don't have much to say about this because I don't flat out hate any holiday movies. Love, Actually gets a lot of crap, but I like it. I think the second half of It's A Wonderful Life is irritating and depressing, but I actually rather like the first half in which it is proven that George Bailey is NOT FUCKING ALLOWED TO LEAVE TOWN OR ELSE IT ALL BECOMES HELL, but he can find other things to live for, like a hot non-librarian. That part is fine, so I don't have whopping hatred towards the movie overall. As for A Christmas Carol, the Christmas Future bit always freaked me out a bit, but other than that, I consider it to be the least noxious and least depressing Dickens ever, so yay for that. (Note: while writing this bit, I found out that there is a theater show called Twist Your Dickens. Hah.) So....go prompting!

I gave the tree hat to my coworker today. She loves it. The pictures of her in it and us with them both on are sweet. I look forward to us both having them on at the party next year!

On the other hand, it occurred to me that I haven't made a gift for Mauricio yet (I don't know why I give him anything when he doesn't

I happily haven't had to be on the phones today at work, or so far at all this week (fingers crossed for tomorrow). On the one hand: hardly anyone there to do it. On the other hand: for once, nobody's calling!

I tried to do the iron-on transfer of my Gavle goat writeup to an old T-shirt. It did not work--I suspect it was because I couldn't get the damn iron to get very hot. Stupid irons. The CC goes through them like Kleenex, I swear. Anyway, I will at some point have to pay a ridiculous amount of money to get five more sheets of iron-on paper and try this AGAIN. Still, grrr.

My plans for this weekend have been up in the air. My first choice was to go to Victorian Christmas, which Mom flat out does not want to go to ("can't we go later?") and has expressed major worry about me driving there in the snow. I cannot argue with the snow thing. My second choice was to get together with Jackie, which was the tentative plan....but now the funeral for her stepfather is being held this weekend instead. Grrr.

So now I'm down to option 3, which was a party I got invited to through an lecture organization I joined in Roseville...but it's in freaking Rocklin, I don't even know where the hell that is and am not sure if I want to drive 45 minutes for it exactly. I like the folks in the group, though I don't know them that well as yet (I will be getting to know them in the future since I can now drive myself to more meetings) and I don't know how motivated I am to go. On the other hand, I won't have much of anything else going this weekend if I don't do that. Then again, part of me is thinking that maybe I don't want to do much because....

Oh, btw, Mom's got a booking for Deacon Dave's on Monday night! Which means I would have to leave here on Monday.... and then sit around on Tuesday and Wednesday at Mom's before leaving, doing next to nothing because she is going to be gone all day Tuesday. I was planning on using those days to relax and pack, do some felting projects, maybe go to therapy in person for a change, hang out, go to the gym...hahahahhah.

I'm really unthrilled about going over there two days early, especially to just sit around (and god knows there's not a lot to do there even if I have a car and can drive around). Mom was all, "fine, so drive back home Tuesday and then come back here Wednesday," but isn't that kinda stupid to waste the time and gas and stress just so I can sit around in my own house for probably less than 24 hours?


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