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2006-12-13, 4:11 p.m.

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Whee, I am all over the place lately. I dunno what the hell's up with the mood swings. Usually I'm in a "down" mode for most of December, for good reasons, but I don't even really have too much in the way of motivation to be feeling one way or another lately.

I was downright mopey yesterday, and kind of bitchy when I was in weights class at the gym, despite getting to go to my favorite class one more time. I get really annoyed because I can't get there more than 5 minutes early due to work, and by then odds are 50/50 the weights I need have all been taken, which happened again. Why aren't all of these people studying for finals, dangit?

And yet today during bowling, I was surprisingly cheerful, even when I didn't get any strikes or spares until the last 2 frames, and barely missed getting a whole lot of spares. I was even thinking, "Hey, at least I'm making 9 pins per frame most of the time" instead of pouting. And I finished with a 104, which isn't bad. I was clearly in a better mood than my bowling buddy, but she was kind of justified in that because most of the other team kept using her ball.

I also got a cow!

You'll note from that link that the contest deadline is the 15th, so now that I've got one, I have to move quickly on this. Yes, I'll be putting off working on knitted gifts (though I have been slacking off this week on that) to decorate a cow for a photo. Don't you love my priorities?

I'll probably end up knitting/crocheting it a costume, since I doubt I have enough paints around the house left to go all art cow, which is what I was originally thinking of doing. Of course, that means I have to think of something...

Solicited suggestions so far have been:
* bra and panty set (this was from Mom- uh, what?! Is it Britney cow?)
* legwarmers and have an aerobic cow
* make a mane and have the Cow-ardly Lion.

I may attempt the last two when I get home tonight, unless I think of something else. This should be entertaining...

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