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2023-12-19, 9:43 p.m.

Sleep update: two pills still didn't really knock me out, still woke up in the middle of the night for awhile, dozed for most of it after that....technically looks like 9 hours in my sleep tracker app, but I dunno. I note that after taking two pills last night I was sleepy in 15-20 minutes, so I'm thinking that since the problem is going back to sleep, maybe I won't take them upon going to bed BUT will just get up and take them when I wake up after 2 hours of sleep. That's an idea...

IOP today: relationships! Gottmans and gaslighting, both topics I've read up on before. I've never been gaslighted in a relationship so not an issue for me, and obviously I haven't had a boyfriend in forever so in all honesty, today wasn't a relevant day for me and I just kinda zoned along and didn't take too many notes. That's fine.

After that, watched more Hallmark, worked on the loth-cats for Rae, addressed a few Christmas cards (good for me there), talked to Ashley who is still Very Upset over the passing out issue and how people didn't call an ambulance. I pointed out that when people are in panic and fear they do not think clearly or act clearly, her included, and all you can do now is plan ahead for the next meltdown. And also, again, we don't know how "unusual" her passing out is from time to time to time when she does it all the time and nobody knows how, why, or what brings it on. Then later she was all wigged out because she ran out of the ONE blood pressure med that works on her, her blood pressure immediately went sky-high and all the pharmacies were saying they can't get it until mid-January, which means she may have to be hospitalized if there's no drugs. Good lord. The med shortage is too much.

In the afternoon I went over to Kaiser to get my usual shot, had to tell the nurse I may be unemployed by then so I'm not sure if I can make the next appointment in three months, we'll see. (That conversation will be even more fun with the dental people.) They were also EXTREMELY CONFUSED by the fact that a urine test was on my records and they kept asking if I'd missed a dose. "No, it's for something else, I did it last week, I'm not pregnant, please ignore this," I kept saying. Annoyingly, my prescription wasn't ready while I was there and came in that it was ready after I'd left...grrr.... will have to drag arse over there again tomorrow. After that I went over to Loretta's with my laptop and we watched "Round and Round," which we'd both been wanting to see and in all honesty... ended up not being into. Bummer. Everyone else seems to love it, I hate when I dislike something everyone else loves.

After that I went home (Ashley didn't want to do karaoke) and finally finished making those loth-cats. I think they both came out as well as could be expected and are also weird, but what can you do, you can only replicate so much.

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