Chaos Attraction

In Which I Draw A Giant Line In The Narrative Before We Go Any Further

2019-09-07, 9:28 p.m.

Hello, whoever’s reading this, i.e. no one. Should for some reason some person (probably a Holidailies person because I will definitely be referring back to this time period during the end of the year review at least) be going through the backlog of this journal, I feel like I need to make a notation here before I go any further. I am writing this not-an-entry in late August and not even publishing it until September, because I am backlogged on entries out the wazoo. Mostly this is because I did a lot of storytelling events in July and then had play rehearsal and I got hella busy and didn’t have the time to write that stuff up faster and I need to post timed things in order, but also because Shit Has Gone Down. I was writing things down in the moment when the shit went down and just haven’t published them yet.

Shit has gone down that I have seriously been debating whether or not to even say anything about here, because I haven’t wanted to discuss a particular topic, under the circumstances. But I feel like I can’t keep writing this journal or processing all the kaboom without openly saying what happened. I can no longer hedge about it because it’s the biggest bomb dropped on me since I last saw the college ex and that blue screen of death moment was a mere tiddler compared to how things went at the end of July. I’m still boggling and going “wtf?” and coming up with game plans to deal with it all that are not working and making the universe laugh, as you’ll see.

At this point, journal entries are going to change. I’m going to say stuff I normally would not say, and I’ve decided that if any parties involved ever find this journal for any reason, fuck it. Especially one in particular because the way things are going they may find out one way or another anyway. Fuck it, I’m standing by what I say here and readers be warned. I’m not saying everything I think on the topic, but I’m saying enough that you get what’s going on. From here on in, things get weird, and we’ll see how it goes in the end. I hope it has a happier ending than how it’s looking from my current perspective in early September, anyway.

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