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Karaoke Cast Party

2019-06-02, 9:49 p.m.

My car managed to make it over there and back. Stalled out again on the way into town (restarted though) but was fine on the way back. Sigh. There’s nothing like paying off one’s credit card to prompt that, eh? But hey, at least I got to go to this party!

Anyway, I went over to theatertown an hour early to go shopping on the stores on Main Street that normally have what I refer to as “retiree hours,” i.e. close by 5 p.m. except on the weekends. I went to the yarn store and looked around, later went to the hardware store to look at coated copper wire for the uh...yarn gadget thing I can’t spell or pronounce, and finished off by going into the quilt store, where Yarn Empire Scott* was working. He was cutting fabric at the time so I was all “hm, I won’t like, go bug him until that’s done,” and just looked around. I was looking for a book on T-shirt reconstruction that I’d seen was on sale on their website and finally found the thing, which is about when he spotted me and said, “Hey, stranger!” He showed me the new giant quilting machines they’d gotten in the back, I had to explain why I am not normally into quilting (I blame it on 4-H class insisting that we hand sew our quilts in tiny stitches and it took forever.. And apparently these days you can just get a giant machine to do it for you.), and then I bought the book from him. Then I headed to the party and he said he’d be over after he was done at work.

who I will probably just refer to as “Scott” for a while when I don’t have to distinguish between the Scotts, since I doubt I’ll be hanging out with That70’sScott any sooner than the next cast party, estimated to be in August at this point last I heard.

Other folks at the party: Jesse, Ana, Greg (though those two left after dinner), Robert, Brian, Jeanine (not sure on spelling....she’s associated with the theater somehow? Mostly just hung at karaoke), and Formerly Bridesmaid Sarah.* Sarah and Jean auditioned on Thursday and said there were only seven people at that one, one of them being a teenager (I guess that’s the other page).

* I will still need to figure out how to sort all the Sarahs, though, since I will hopefully still be associating with both of them regularly.

Dishy things I learned:

(a) Jesse told me about the next few plays coming up--don’t know if I’d qualify for those or not, will worry about that later. He mentioned that there is going to be a 10 minute play thing that is running in January that Ana is running with someone else and said to ask her. So I did and she said they hadn’t really set anything else up but I was all “let me know, I’m interested when you do.”

(b) I found out some of the casting. Scott got Oliver (called it! He was all, “I didn’t even read for the guy”), Cameron got Rosalind (called it!), Brian got Silvius, Sarah got Phoebe (Phebe?) and is super psyched to fall in love with a girl, at which point I was all, “okay, I’m happy you got that.” Elizabeth got Celia, Jean got some part that is being converted from guy to girl and Sarah wasn’t clear on what it was (a duke?). I wondered which 60-year-old is going to be my husband this time and found out that Jimmy Smiles got the part! He did mention at the time that he worked with WTC. I can be cool with that one, yay. We asked Jesse for some of these and he gave us a few but didn’t know all of them and didn’t know what Laurel got. Also, apparently neither Orlando nor Jaques has been cast.

Everyone is wondering about the schedule, which seems a little off and in need of revision. Scott said he was also going to get No Fear Shakespeare soon.

(c) I heard a lot of stuff about the Yarn Empire that is probably not super interesting to non-locals so I won’t go into that. I am impressed at his knowledge of the whole thing even though I suspect he is not a crafter. And food allergies because some of the dudes have them.

(d) Linda mentioned that two ladies wrote angry letters wanting their money back after the show but otherwise it seemed well received, and she debated doing it again next year. She also talked to me about how she’d wanted to audition for other shows once she retired so she “could get used to being rejected,” but in the end didn’t want to deal with Sacramento driving in the dark.

We watched the photos taken of the wedding and rehearsal. Robert brought his ukulele and four songbooks and we ended up having karaoke time over at Linda’s. I didn’t write down funny quotes but probably should have. Singing is lovely.

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