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2011-12-23, 1:37 p.m.

I have had a few things on my brain shopping-wise that I found or got recently. I didn't put them on a new moon manifestation list, I wasn't specifically begging for some of it (well, maybe the third one), but they came about anyway because I thought about them enough times AND life circumstances/willing people were interested in fulfilling them.

(a) I wanted more small ornaments--preferably of the cheap and 12-to-a-box variety-- for the Tiny Trees because some of them are looking kinda bare. It's hard to find small enough ornaments and most ornaments cost $6 apiece or whatever, so that's pricey when you want a lot. Hadn't found them downtown or at Cost Plus. On the Kaiser appointment day, once I found town again and had an hour left on the car rental, I ended up driving to a far away shopping center and going into the CVS at random because I never do that, and found several sets of them for $2-5. And some vanilla piroulines, something I've been looking for since June and didn't find at Cost Plus either.

(b)I was thinking I wanted a particular Christmas song covered by a particular person (not known for doing Christmas songs, hence difficulty factor), and the next day it turned up on the Internet. Without me searching for it, either. Now I have listened to it on repeat for like a week and I can't explain why. It's fun, though.

(c) For all the times I have been thinking lately that I need a babysitter while I drive in Zipcar, I got an offer.

(d) I have been pondering getting one of those earflap animal hats even though I look dumb in them (or designing my own, I'm working on a Minnie Mouse hat and a bunny hat right now). I got gifted with one-- a Smurf hat-- today. I kinda wonder if my boss had the same thing going on, because she was also pretty amused/delighted to get one. Bwah.

Kinda makes me wonder. I wasn't like, officially petitioning the universe for this stuff, but it was on my brain a lot... and I guess I ran into the situations/people who were interested in facilitating that.

I'm not 100% into "The Secret" sort of thing, but I think it can sometimes work, at least for small stuff. Or the stuff that's supposed to come into your life.

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